Spring Cleaning: Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

It’s officially spring, and that means you’ve probably already started your home spring cleaning routine. While your busy cleaning out closets, wiping down windows and disinfecting countertops, there’s one part of your home that often goes unnoticed – your outdoor lighting fixtures.

It’s easy to forget that your outdoor lighting fixtures need a little maintenance every now and again. But when they do get the maintenance they need, it does wonders to enhance their appearance, their durability and it improves the quality of light they give off. This spring, remember to set some time aside for cleaning your outdoor lighting fixtures. Follow these simple steps for performing safe maintenance on your outdoor lighting system.


Before cleaning your outdoor lighting fixtures, make sure all the lights are turned off and the power supply is shut off.

Remove Bulbs

Before cleaning, remember to also remove the light bulb from the fixtures. Once this is done, you can set all the parts aside to begin cleaning.

Use Soapy Water

Fill two buckets with warm water and add in a splash of dish soap. Wipe the outside of the fixtures and glass (without light bulbs) with a damp soapy cloth. Use a clean cloth with clean water to wipe away any soapy residue and then dry thoroughly.

Use Glass Cleaner

For extra clean glass, you can use glass cleaner to make sure you remove any built up residue so your lights are shining at their brightest.

Polish Metal

When all fixtures are clean and dry, you can apply a little polish to metal areas to clean and protect the finish.


When all parts of your outdoor light fixtures are dry, you can reassemble your fixtures if required.

In just six easy steps, you can give your outdoor lighting fixtures the spring cleaning they deserve and ensure they be in great shape for as long as possible.

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