Summer Landscape Lighting For Your Garden

Your garden isn’t just for enjoyment during the daytime! Transform your outdoor space into an oasis of comfort and relaxation. Custom landscape lighting can help you turn your gardens into a space for entertaining friends, or just spending a few moments alone. Imagine sitting down to dinner in your backyard, and lingering over a bottle of wine while the sun sets on Oakville. Meanwhile, footpaths, stairways, stepping stones, garden beds, and water features are becoming illuminated all around you.

Often the summers in Oakville make it too hot to be outside during the height of the day, so take advantage of those cooler evenings. Landscape lighting creates ambience, while safely illuminating your surroundings. This article is focused on ways you can use landscape lighting to help you take advantage of your property, and spend time outdoors, after the sun has set.

Incorporate a bit of drama into your landscape lighting with spotlighting on the trees throughout your property. Use uplighting to show-off the texture of tree trunks, while also making sure they don’t blend into the night. Often we can completely forget where the biggest fixtures of our landscaping are located. For special occasions like barbeques and dinner parties, use strings of lights in trees. Not only will this create a whimsical look, it will also keep your guests safe in an unfamiliar backyard.

Outline Flower Beds
Use rope lighting to create a line of lights around the edge of your flower or vegetable beds. You can simulate a hidden glow effect by using landscape staples to embed the lights into the edging. Use a soft light to make your beds glow. You’ll also ensure that you don’t accidentally trample your begonias.

Deck it Out
When it comes to your patio, or deck, make sure that you have ample, yet ambient, lighting. Focus especially on stairways and entry ways making sure that they are adequately lit up. You can use a variety of landscape lighting styles and intensities on your deck to customize the amount of light you need. Different occasions require different amounts of light. For example, late night dinner parties require more lighting than late night chats.

Water Feature Lighting
With the right landscape lighting water features are especially beautiful at night time. Combine the relaxing sound of running water, or a mesmerizing fountain with dynamic underwater lighting. This style of lighting creates a unique glow that illuminates fish, statues, and plants in a gorgeous and safe way. If you’re spending time outside after dark, the last thing you want to do is walk directly into the water feature! Water feature lighting isn’t just for the fish pond though. Landscape lighting is especially important around pools and hot tubs, and can look just as good. Use spot lighting around the edge of the pool area, or perhaps, coloured lights within the pool.

When it comes to landscape lighting, a little can go a long way. Knowing the right kind of lighting for every situation is our specialty. If you would like to learn more about transforming your garden into a summertime oasis, let us know!