Things to Consider When Planning Your Outdoor Lighting System This Spring

Garden lighting can add ambiance, interest, and security to your home. Outdoor lighting services in Oakville can also provide the finishing touch to a beautiful landscape. In fact, outdoor lighting can increase the daily longevity of your landscape, by allowing others to appreciate its beauty long after dark.
While many people believe that outdoor lighting is expensive, if done properly in consultation with one of our experts from Nite Time Décor, it can actually be affordable while adding big effects.

What Do You Want From Your Outdoor Lighting?

Before your consultation, think about what you’re trying to accomplish by adding outdoor lighting to your Oakville landscape. Do you want to illuminate pathways for easy walking? Do you want to focus on specific plants? Do you want to add some ambiance to your yard? Are the lights simply for security purposes?

Or is it a combination of the above?

Having your needs in mind will help our consultants customize your Oakville outdoor lighting design.

Types of Outdoor Lighting in Oakville

In order to better understand your outdoor lighting design needs, consider the following outdoor lighting classifications:

Decorative Lighting: this will add to the overall value of your home by illuminating areas of your yard where you can socialize with family and friends. Our tiki lamps provide a nice downlighting effect and enhance the mood around the pool or near the BBQ.

Landscape lighting: if your garden is the envy of your neighbourhood, why not show off all of the interesting feature that make your yard beautiful with a little lighting? Try our mini wash light for garden areas or our above ground well light for trees or fountains.

Security lighting: your home or your business is valuable, so naturally, you’ll want to protect it. Use lights that illuminate a large area to discourage trespassers. Sensors or timers are also effective. Our spot light or in ground well light add a pop of discouraging light to your landscape.

Specialty lighting: think of this like Christmas lights, but without any holiday connotations. They are simply to enhance the enjoyment you receive from your outdoor space. All of our lights can be used to increase the atmosphere, so why don’t you ask your Nite Time Décor consultant for ambiance enhancing lighting fixtures?

Less Is More

When it comes to your outdoor lighting in Oakville, don’t go overboard. Here are some tips to accent, but not overpower, your landscape:

Space path lights evenly, every few feet.

Avoid the overuse of spotlights, downlights, and uplights.

Avoid light pollution by not going overboard with the intensity of the light.

Spring is approaching, and your outdoor lighting can make a big impact on your property. Contact Nite Time Décor for a consultation today – appointments will book fast!