Tips For Selecting a Landscape Lighting Company

With the number of companies out there all competing for clients, it can be difficult to sift through to find the right Burlington landscape lighting company for your needs. Not sure what sets a great company apart from an average option? Read on to find out what to look for in a Burlington landscape lighting company.

Does the company specialize?
The last thing you want is a technician who isn’t specialized in the field of landscape lighting installing your lights. Look for a professional landscape lighting company that has all the tools and experience necessary to give you specific and unique advice, like Nite Time Décor. The pros will be able to help you with voltage, proper wiring, installation in trees, and design advice.

How long has the landscape lighting company been around?
Not only will a well-founded business have the experience and portfolio required to prove their quality, but this can also guarantee a long-lasting warrantee and lifetime maintenance. A business that’s been in the field for years will know the solutions to odd mishaps and will know unique and varied techniques. You can also be certain that your chosen landscape lighting company will be around in two years to fix any problems that may occur.

Nite Time Décor proudly celebrated a decade in the field in 2008. Now, almost 15 years later, we can guarantee both knowledgeable support and a lifetime maintenance warranty on all of our landscape lighting systems. We can also ensure that your design is the best possible one for your specific landscape lighting needs. After being involved in the installation and design process of more than ten years’ worth of systems, we can provide knowledgeable advice in this important phase of your home’s décor.

Can you see evidence of their work?
Does the landscape lighting company have a portfolio? Are they willing to share images of their previous work? This verifies a few important factors.

That they have the years of experience they claim to have.

That they have successfully installed landscape lighting to their clients’ satisfaction.

That they are proud of the quality of their work.

Provides inspiration for your landscape lighting endeavours.

You can check out Burlington Nite Time Décor’s gallery for examples of our work. It’s easy to peruse our portfolio for inspiration.

Does the company offer a warranty?
Warranties are important. They are proof that the landscape lighting company is willing to attest to the quality and lifespan of their products. Not only that, but it guarantees that if glitches or unexpected mishaps ruin your lighting, you don’t need to panic.

Nite Time Décor Burlington offers specific warranties based on the service or product.

Is there variety in products?
Having a wide range of products to choose from is important in securing a landscape lighting system that suits your specific needs. Do they offer LEDs? Do you have options of tiki lights, wash lights, well lights? Look into this to ensure your design isn’t limited.

You can look at Nite Time Décor’s products online. We offer LED lighting to help you save money on energy bills, and to keep your thumb green.

For the most reliable landscape lighting company contact Nite Time Décor Burlington for more information, or get started with your complimentary quote.