Tricks For Outdoor Night Lighting

Your Burlington night lighting system can make or break the aesthetics of your lawn. If done with style, your night lighting design will add comfort, safety, and curb appeal to your home. With that being said, conceptualizing your own night lighting design takes time and research. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of tricks and tips to make it easier for you to create the perfect look.

Variety is the spice of life
Map out your yard, and more importantly, what it is that you want to highlight or accent. Think also about the qualities that you want from your lighting: safety, security, comfort, and aesthetics.

From there, it’s time to pick the products that you want to use. Choose these based on the map that you’ve created. If you want to save money and energy, LED lighting is always a good option. Choose fixtures based on whether or not you want to highlight their design. Concealed lighting creates an ethereal illumination; exposed fixtures can add to the overall style of your space.

Think wattage
Generally, you’ll want to go with low watt lighting, anywhere from 7 – 20 watts. In that range, you should try to stick to the lower half – between 7 and 13. This will prevent the glaring, fluorescent look that does nothing for curb appeal or comfort. The low lighting will give your home a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Time properly
Your lights should be adjusted to be switched on and off at the right times. Lights for aesthetics or comfort on a deck or patio can be turned off when you go to bed. Lights that are being used for safety and security should stay on from dawn until dusk in order to get the most out of your Burlington night lighting system.

If you have trees, statues, or other tall structures in your landscape that want to highlight, lighting fixtures to uplight are perfect for this task. These can be used to create shadows and silhouettes to add to the wonder and mystique of your night lighting system.

These are less common than uplighting yet create an interesting effect. Backlights create silhouettes and shadows to outline the object that you are illuminating. This can add intrigue to your night lighting design, and can shake up the style a bit beyond the usual accenting and highlighting.

These are generally used for the security aspect of your lighting system. Placed up high to accentuate the area, these lights can be mounted on trees or structures to imitate the moon in your garden.

Hide the fixture
Unless the fixture itself adds to the aesthetics of your lawn, you should always conceal it. Having a visible fixture can ruin the intended effect. For instance, if you use downlighting to create a moonlight effect, a visible fixture would negate the wonder of it.

Over-lighting subtracts from the aesthetics
If you over-light your yard, you’re going to create a night lighting design that highlights the flaws of your house, rather than accents its virtues. You will also create a glaring effect that will force you and your guests to feel like they are walking onto a prison yard, rather than joining a garden party.

It’s okay to have some areas of your yard brilliantly lit and others shadowy and mysterious. This can create a fairy tale garden atmosphere, and greatly enhance your curb appeal. Talk to one of Nite Time Décor Burlington’s experts to create the perfect balance of light and shadow.

With these tips and techniques in mind, you can create the perfect night lighting design for your house. Get your complimentary quote from Nite Time Décor today!