How to Use Coloured Lighting in Your Landscape Design

Landscape lighting designs provide a myriad of possibilities to light up your outdoors. One option is using coloured landscape lighting – but that can be tricky. It can definitely add some drama, but it should be used sparingly, and only after you have experimented with white light. Since this is such a neat spin on outdoor lighting, but can end up backfiring, ask your Nite Time Decor landscape lighting experts for some advice on how to include coloured lighting tastefully. With Nite Time Décor’s help, your coloured landscape lighting will be in season year round!

How Coloured Landscape Lighting Designs Work

Luckily, it isn’t too difficult to achieve coloured lighting for your outdoor lights. Usually it’s done in one of two ways.

Using a special coloured lens kit designed to snap over the face of any standard landscape light. Made of heat-resistant weatherproof glass, it typically comes in red, green, blue, or amber.
A weatherproof reflector flood lamp with the colour fused into the surface of the bulb. This is more expensive and can be harder to find than the first option, but it eliminates the need for separately coloured filters. These come in red, yellow, blue, green, and amber.
Keep in mind that any coloured filter will considerably lessen the brightness of the light. To counteract this effect, you need to increase either the number of fixtures or the wattage of the bulbs. Ask your Nite Time Decor Oakville landscape lighting experts for the best option for you.

Ask the Oakville Landscape Lighting Experts for Winter Tips!

True, autumn and winter don’t come with the vibrancy in colour that summer does, but that doesn’t make it any less dramatic. Bathe your house in warm fall colours, such as red, yellow, and amber around Thanksgiving. Illuminate a spooky Halloween landscape with amber or yellow and delight the trick-or-treaters!

During the holiday season, use green and red lights to dress up your house and any trees in festive colours. If your scheme is blue, use blue lights to complement the outdoor theme. Similarly, if your personal preferences lean towards gold, then accent it with amber or yellow landscape lights.

It’s also possible to use coloured landscape lighting designs throughout the winter as well. During the winter months, the snow provides a blank canvass for you to combine any colours you like and turn your lights into a beautifully painted landscape. In addition, since snow tends to be quite bright, the issue of coloured lens filters diminishing the brightness of your lights may not be as big of an issue.

Landscape Lighting Designs in the Spring and Summer

Come spring and summer, the leaves and flowers come out, giving you a chance to be truly creative in your designs. While it’s true that shrubs and colourful flowers look their best in white light, that doesn’t mean colour has to be ignored. Use green or greenish-blue filters to enhance the colours of grass and green foliage. Avoid yellow around anything green, as that can have a deadening effect. If your home is set far back from the road, red is an excellent choice, as it is best used when viewed from a distance and can give the appearance of firelight. Avoid blue, as it gives off an unnatural effect, unless mixed with green. However, pale bluish-white lights are an exception, as they can have a truly beautiful effect.

For more information on how to inject a bit of colour to your landscape, contact Nite Time Decor, your Oakville landscape lighting experts!