You’ve Got Options When It Comes To Outdoor Lighting

Don’t let your outdoor lighting system become drab this season. Brighten up your Burlington outdoor lighting with new techniques and placements that will make heads turn. Bring out the beauty of your home and increase safety with landscape lighting this year.

Don’t over light
Have you considered low wattage lighting for your outdoor lighting system? High wattage lights can sometimes sacrifice the aesthetics of your Burlington home by producing too much glare. Your best option is dim lighting that throws carefully planned pools to accentuate and guide. Our gallery provides examples of low wattage lighting that gets the job done beautifully.

Illuminate the walk
Having well lights sporadically, yet strategically, placed around pathways, driveways, and stairs at your home is a great way to ensure the safety of your guests. These also act like a beacon, welcoming visitors in.

Make sure to mix up your lighting layout – straight-line lighting is so passé. Remember, your walkway lighting doesn’t need to illuminate every inch of the path, but rather it needs to be a guide your guests where to go. Have fun with the placement of each fixture and play with the lighting effects.

Brighten up the house
Nothing says “welcome” more than a well-lit entryway. Add lights around the front deck or doorway of your home to bring visitors in comfortably. This will add safety by allowing you to see who is at your door, especially if it’s an unexpected visitor.

For further security in your outdoor lighting, illuminate areas of your house that are in shadows. Having a spotlight or downlight grazing sidewalls that may have previously been in the dark can add a more dramatic touch to your outdoor lighting system.

Work with the greenery
You need to light your landscaping in a way that suits its unique qualities and dimensions. Trees must be lit in a way that works with their height and girth. Tall, slim trees that widen at the top with foliage should be lit with a narrow based light that widens at the top to brighten those branches. Wide based trees and shrubbery that narrows toward the top should be lit with lights that fill the entire area. These can spill over the whole base of the tree, and inch up to the top where it will catch the tip of the foliage.

It’s important to think also of the seasonal changes when you’re lighting. You may want to have some fun with the colour of your flowerbeds in the spring or autumnal leaf colours or with the leafless trees in the winter.

Winter trees can leave intriguing silhouettes and shadows across the walls or grass when lit properly. Proper illumination will help set bright colours, such as fall leaves and beautiful beds of flowers in the summer, on fire at night. This will add a stunning spray of colour and drama to your darkened property.

Stay neutral
The only coloured lights that you should be using are blue tinting for accenting evergreens and other silver or blue toned trees. Use warm naturally toned lights in your Burlington outdoor lighting for the best effect. A coloured outdoor lighting system can look gaudy, or too festive.

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