What Is Zoning? Should I Zone My Landscape Lighting?

Are you planning to install landscape lighting around your Burlington home? Are you faced with inquiries about zoning? Don’t allow your confusion to last a second longer. Read on to find out about zoning your landscape lighting systems, and how it can benefit you.

What is Zoning?
Zones are different areas of your landscape lighting system that can be managed separately via a centralized control panel. For instance, you may have a different zone for each aspect that you want illuminated: aesthetics, safety, security, etc. Each of the “zones” of your landscape lighting will have a different control switch that you can program to turn off or on at set times, but can also be controlled manually.

Why Landscape Lighting Systems Zones are Beneficial
Zones will not only save you money, but help you reduce your impact on the environment, and make managing your landscape lighting that much easier.

Zoning has financial benefits in that it reduces the use of lighting when unnecessary. For example, you can adjust your lighting system to automatically turn off partially through the night after you’ve already gone to bed. Of course, this type of set up will depend very much on what your lights are zoned for. Generally lights that are strictly for aesthetics are turned off when a homeowner goes to sleep. Lights that are installed for safety and security reasons will usually be adjusted to stay on until morning’s light.

Make sure you know the purpose of your landscape lighting systems so you can adjust your zoning appropriately. If you have a mixture of purposes, each aspect of lighting (safety, aesthetic, etc.) will have to go on a different zone so that they can be adjusted according to the correct purpose.

Proper zoning will ensure that you’re not spending money on energy that doesn’t need to be used. At Nite Time Décor, we take the necessary steps to ensure that energy conservation is an essential component of your landscape lighting design.

Using LED lights will also greatly improve your eco-friendly status, as well as your financial savings. Consider LED lighting today for your landscape lighting systems.

What are Some Things to Consider When Zoning?
As mentioned, you’ll want to know the exact purpose of each of your fixtures. The fewer purposes you have, the fewer zones you will need, and the easier it will be to install. To be even more efficient, you may want to double up on purposes – i.e. place fixtures for aesthetics that can also be used for security or safety.

Generally, lights that are installed in the front yard will also stay on longer. These are the fixtures used for security, so you may want these to stay on late into the evening. Don’t think you need to match the sun with your lights, however. The great thing about zoning is you can pick which lights stay on – so choose carefully. You’ll only need a few of our down lights or spotlights to scare away those burglars.

Finally, be aware of your sleeping patterns, as well as the time that dusk falls and dawn rises. This will help you decide how to time your lights. You can re-adjust your timer with each new season or if your sleeping patterns change. Remember that your lights can be turned off manually on those days you hit the hay early. For advice on how to time your lights, talk to one of our specialists today.

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