Illuminate Architectural Details with Landscape Lighting

If you love your home, you don’t just want to show it off during the day, you also want to show it off at night! Landscape Lighting does just that! Not only is landscape lighting crucial for keeping your property safe from both midnight stumbles and property crime, but it also dramatically increases your property value.

Landscape lighting is a beautiful way to illuminate your favourite architectural details. Whether you built your home from scratch or you were lucky enough to find the home of your dreams, the experienced light technicians at Nite Time Decor Burlington can’t wait to help you show off your home.

Uplighting Architectural Details
One of the most dramatic ways to emphasise the architecture of your home is uplighting. Most of the time, we expect light to shine down. By inverting this expectation you end up with a dynamic, visually appealing look that stands out. We can suggest a variety of different light styles and intensities designed to achieve different effects. Depending on the type of architecture that you’re looking to illuminate a different style of light is required. For example, brick, wood, and glass all require a different lighting technique. Furthermore, the location of the light itself is important in achieving a specific goal. Uplighting is best when used in an area off the beaten path – so to speak. While it’s visually appealing, uplighting doesn’t provide the ideal light for seeing where your feet are.

Light Washes
There are many different kinds of lights that can be used to enhance the beauty of your home. Washes for example, provide a wide beam of light aimed from a few feet away onto an exterior wall of your home, creating a wash of light. Not only does it highlight wall texture, it also showcases nearby plants and sculptures. Depending on the number of light washes you use, and their intensity you can illuminate your home to different effects. Light washes are also a super way to customize your home on a seasonal basis. While you can go the festive way at Halloween and Christmas, you can also use lights of different intensities in the summer and winter to respond to the longer and shorter days.

Architectural Task Lighting: Doorway Lighting
Your front door is one of the most important areas to emphasise with landscape lighting. By using wall sconces, cove lighting, portable lamps, and even outdoor chandeliers you can achieve a unique, stylish look. While most properties will already have a fixture or two in the entranceway, personalizing them is a great way to make your house feel like your home. Doorway lighting is also a great opportunity to try out different styles. Experiment with vintage, modern, or contemporary lighting fixtures to find a style that you identify with.

Burlington’s Landscape Lighting Experts
Landscape lightings adds visual interest to your home while simultaneously making it safer and increasing its property value. If you would like to discuss your landscape lighting project, or request a free estimate, contact us today!