Increase Your Winter Curb Appeal with Outdoor Lighting

As Canada segues into its cooler winter months, the result is less daylight. Less daylight and its counterpart, less comfortable weather – contributes to drab and dreary winter landscapes. An option to increase the curb appeal of your home, not just during the winter but year round, is to invest in an outdoor lighting installation. Adding some outdoor lighting to illuminate your home will draw eyes to your yard like moths to a flame. If you are unsure how to go about lighting up your home in the winter, then you can read on for some excellent tips or you can contact Nite Time Decor for assistance.

Use a Critical Eye

The first step in creating a dazzling outdoor lighting installation is to make an honest assessment of how your home looks at night. Focus on dark areas that may seem unsafe. Those areas are the perfect places for unwanted intruders to hide. Add path or motion-sensor lights to deter anyone from lurking in the darkness.

If some of your favourite landscape elements are shrouded in darkness, consider including some lighting accents to illuminate them. Remember to take the winter weather into consideration too – illuminating an item that’s covered in a light dusting of snow can have a delightfully festive affect.

From there, you can ask the opinions of any frequent visitors or your neighbours. Sometimes a second opinion really helps. A lot of the time, we become so accustomed to how our yard looks at night, that you don’t see areas that need improvement.

Light a Path with an Outdoor Lighting Installation

You can’t undo a first impression. Often a guest’s first impression of your home is going to be made on the walk to your front door. Make that experience a dazzling one (or at least, one less prone to tripping) by installing lights along your front walk. Alternatively, in ground well lights are bright and unobtrusive, a perfect solution for lighting the way for any guests or family members coming home late. Ask your representatives from Nite Time Decor for a free consultation and find out how to brighten up your walkway – and your entire yard!

Use Outdoor Lighting to Highlight Plants or Architectural Features

Of course, you shouldn’t limit your outdoor lighting installation to the front yard. The back yard is where the entertaining happens. In the winter, it can often look like an undisturbed winter wonderland. Imagine how much more beautiful it would be if you could shed some light on the scene! Make your Christmas lights year-round investments by adding string lights to any outdoor entertaining spaces. Use our spotlight to highlight any tall trees or columns in your property. Spotlights are great for making taller structures more striking. Imagine the impact of the light hitting the snow at night – your yard will look magical!

If you want to turn your lackluster winter landscape into a dazzling snowy landscape, have Nite Time Décor light up the night for you! Your yard has the potential to be bright and beautiful all year round. Add some drama and depth to your property with an outdoor lighting installation. Look at our gallery to see what the Burlington outdoor lighting experts at Nite Time Décor can do for you!