Making it Pop: Enhancing Your Home with Outdoor Lighting

Have you ever driven through neighbourhoods at night, seeing homes and properties lit up and thought “wow, that house looks really good?” Outdoor lighting, when properly used, can make even the most modest of homes look like it came from the pages of a magazine, focusing on well-manicured landscaping and unique features of your house.

Adding Value

If you’ve ever looked into purchasing a home, or tried to find a new home to rent, you know how difficult it can be to look past other people’s stuff and imagine what it would look like if you lived there, especially if the place reminds you of a pig sty. The same applies to the outside of your home. According to an article written by home guru Bob Vila, a professionally landscaped home can increase your home’s value by as much as 20%! Though most open houses happen during the day, you can be sure if someone is interested in purchasing your home, they’ve driven past it at night, so you might as well show off your investment!

Make Your Neighbours Literally Green With Envy

Make others notice when you focus on your perfectly manicured grass and neatly trimmed bushes during the evening as well as during the day. Perfectly positioned outdoor lighting will draw attention without being showy or gaudy as it will show off everything you love about your home, whether it’s a magnificent garden, show-stopping stonework or fantastic pool. You might as well show off your hard work to your neighbours at any time of day! Uplighting works best for this. The lighting professionals at Nite Time Décor have an eye for placing lights and pointing them upwards to highlight a tree or sculpture, or highlighting a silhouette by placing a light behind an object.

Keep Troublemakers at Bay

Vandals or thieves typically do their dirty work under the cover of darkness, so adding outdoor lighting automatically increases the safety level of your home. A crook doesn’t want to risk being seen and since lighting draws attention, a neighbour is more likely to notice if something or someone doesn’t belong. Downlighting is typically used to increase home safety by placing lights above eye level, facing down. This can look quite natural when done properly, not tacky like some old security lights.

Safety is Important

As a homeowner, the last thing you need is someone having an accident on your property. You can’t rely on streetlights or the moon to ensure someone doesn’t stray off a sidewalk or trip over an artistically placed stone. By lighting up your pathways, stairs and patios, there is less risk a house guest or paperboy doesn’t have a slip and fall. Not only can placing lights under railings and steps increase safety, but it can increase usability. No longer do you have to go inside when the sun goes down. You can party on your deck all night long!