Set the Mood with Outdoor Accent Lighting

During the Christmas season, houses are spectacularly lit up with visually appealing Christmas lights, which provides a warm, inviting look to those viewing the property.  After the holiday season, houses have a dark, lacklustre appearance that can only be defined by their lack of outdoor accent lighting.  Outdoor landscape lighting creates a first impression of your home to pedestrians and guests.  Frequently it showcases the homeowner’s level of pride (or lack thereof) in their home.  Owning a home is worth being proud of and you should showcase your home’s beauty with some fabulous outdoor accent lighting.  So what impression do you want to create?  One of pride?  Or do you want your house to be the night time wallflower of the neighbourhood?

Improve Your Home’s Aesthetics with Outdoor Landscape Lighting

The most obvious reason to include outdoor accent lighting as part of your home is to highlight and feature trees, plants, architectural objects, and water features.  Use our spotlight to light up any columns or tall trees in your yard.  Our wash light is great for illuminating a wall and can be used with two types of light bulbs, for a variety of unique lighting effects.  Our above-ground well lights shed light on trees, fountains, and other vast spaces in your yard.  Our in-ground well lights add a very nice grazing effect to your home.

Other Uses of Outdoor Landscape Lighting 

Another important feature of accent lighting is security features. Use lights to highlight pathways or garage doors. Draw attention to other areas of your house, such as windows or side doors. Use flood lights for a more direct and obvious message to unwanted intruders. The bottom line is, the more your house is illuminated, the more visible it is to others, which is a deterrent for potential thieves.

In addition, outdoor accent lighting creates for additional home enjoyment in the summer months. During warm weather, outdoor lighting creates more living space with which you can enjoy the heat. You can start with deck and patio lighting and expand it from there. Use landscape lighting to enhance water features, a garden or pool.

Popular Lights for Your Outdoor Accent Lighting

When contemplating where to place the lights, think in terms of your desired effect. The majority of landscape lighting is LED, which is generally made in smaller lights. This makes it easy to point them in any direction and cuts down on their level of obtrusion. While LED lights tend to require professional residential installation, they are very bright and inexpensive to operate.

LED lights are becoming more popular by the year due to advances in technology. Such advances allow them to be brighter.

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