Creating Safe, Beautiful Backyards with Outdoor Lighting

Whether we are physically in them or viewing them from inside our homes, backyards are little oases of calm in our hectic lives. With spring’s arrival, our thoughts begin to move outdoors to barbeques, parties, and relaxing. One overlooked element of many Oakville backyards is outdoor lighting. There are many reasons to light backyards, for example: safety, to highlight special features, or to create a mood. Read on for some ideas on how to transform your backyard with Oakville outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Lighting for Safety
Lingering in the backyard after dark is a wonderful way to relax. But walkways, paths, steps, and patio or deck edges should be properly lit to ensure people don’t trip when navigating the backyard. There are many innovative ways to light areas where people walk. A traditional lighting method is to line paths with area lights that shine downwards, creating pools of soft light that lead you down the garden path. Shorter area down lights direct light to where you need it most, on walkways. Recessed lights are space-saving fixtures that can be mounted in decks or patios.

Water features such as ponds and pools should also be lit around the perimeter so people do not inadvertently go for a swim. Entrances to the backyard from the street, house, or garage may benefit from lights on motion sensors, for both safety and security. Direct lighting on a barbeque will help avoid burns or other mishaps during cooking.

Outdoor Lighting to Highlight Features
When viewed from inside, Oakville outdoor lighting creates dimension. Instead of a flat black canvas, outdoor lighting draws your eye to backyard features, like ponds, trees, plantings, or gazebos, visually extending your living and entertaining space. You don’t need an expensive pool or gazebo to create interesting focal points. For example, in ground well lights set in shrubs can create dramatic shadows on walls or fences. Or downlights mounted in trees can wash down an interesting tree trunk and softly light a flowerbed.

Outdoor Lighting to Create a Mood
You and your guests deserve to be comfortable in your backyard. Proper lighting goes a long way to creating the right atmosphere for any gathering. Lighting helps generate romantic, dramatic, whimsical, or festive moods. Tiki lamps, for example, can be placed near a seating area. Their softly flickering light creates a sense of fun, like a campfire or tropical getaway.

You may want the flexibility to create different lighting moods. For example, a backyard party may be more brightly lit than an intimate dinner for two. A dining area may require more lighting than a casual seating area. Dimmers and other lighting control options can help create different moods at different times.

Remember your neighbours when planning your Oakville outdoor lighting project. While you want to show your backyard in its best light, you don’t want to shine spotlights in your neighbour’s eyes. An experienced lighting designer will help you create the environment you want in your backyard without detracting from your neighbour’s enjoyment of his.

Now is the time to start planning outdoor lighting for your backyard oasis. For more ideas on how to create striking backyard outdoor lighting, request a complimentary quote today from a Nite Time Decor lighting expert.