LED Technology

LED Lighting Technology

Don’t just create a beautiful outdoor space with your outdoor landscape lighting system – help create a beautiful planet by incorporating LED technology into your design. Nite Time Decor proudly offers cutting edge LED outdoor lights and LED landscape lighting systems tailored to meet your specific needs. And, as technology improves, more applications for commercial and residential LED lighting will emerge. These lightweight, economical lighting solutions are a great replacement option for older metal halide and high pressure sodium lights, so what are you waiting for? Bring your outdoor decorative lighting design up to speed with an outdoor LED lighting installation from Nite Time Decor.

What is LED Technology?

LED, or light emitting diodes, are lamps that offer a new way of using electricity in outdoor landscape lighting systems. While a traditional 12 volt lamp creates light by heating a wire filament, an LED lamp creates light through the stimulation of semiconductors. LED lighting fixtures therefore require less electricity to operate yet provide the same level of quality.


The Many Benefits of LED Lighting Systems

LED outdoor lights have come a long way in the last ten years, providing clients with exceptional quality and sophisticated applications. The following are just a few of the impressive benefits associated with outdoor LED lighting systems:

  • LED landscape lighting systems are highly efficient, using nearly 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs.
  • LED light fixtures more uniformly light an area, thanks to their greater directional control of light.
  • LED light fixtures operate at lower wattages than high pressure sodium bulbs, and when properly installed, produce equivalent illuminance to that of traditional outdoor lighting fixtures.
  • LED outdoor lighting fixtures focus the light better and provide very little glare when positioned properly.
  • The average lamp life of an LED bulb is 50,000 hours, which is significantly higher than 15,000 or even 35,000 for high pressure sodium and metal halide lighting solutions.
  • Because they don’t produce waste energy in the form of excess heat, LED bulbs and fixtures rarely overheat.

Enjoy Significant Savings Over Time

Many outdoor landscape lighting customers are hesitant to invest in LED lighting fixtures due to the higher initial cost associated with these systems. While outdoor LED lighting does cost more in the beginning, the savings on energy, bulb replacement, and reduced maintenance costs easily offset the initial expense. LED lamps last up to 20 times longer than incandescent varieties, and Nite Time Decor offers a seven year limited-warranty on all of their LED outdoor lighting systems. LED lamps also boast a much more durable design, with no moving parts or fragile filaments that have the potential to break. LED outdoor lights are resistant to shock, impact and other forces that could damage a standard light. Furthermore, the LED lamps in Nite Time Decor’s outdoor landscape lighting designs contain no mercury or other environmentally hazardous materials.


A Savings Breakdown

The following chart is based on the cost of 15 cents per kilowatt hour. Notice the savings an LED outdoor lighting system provides! (Statistics provided by landscapeontario.com)


Conventional Halogen Lamps LED
Per Hour 4.5 cents 4.5 cents .9 cents
Per Night 27 cents 18 cents 8.1 cents
Per Year $98.55 $66.70 $29.57


An outdoor LED lighting system is a beautiful and affordable way to illuminate your property. For more on our LED outdoor lighting system, we invite you to contact us. Nite Time Decor proudly services Ancaster, Burlington, Dundas, Hamilton, Mississauga, Oakville and the Halton and Hamilton Regions.



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