DIY vs Professional Outdoor Lighting Installation – What is the Best?

Updated June 26, 2023

DIY vs Professional installed outdoor lights

DIY vs Professionally Installed Outdoor Lighting – What is the Best?

The summer outdoor entertaining season is almost upon us. Is your yard guest-worthy? Why let all that hard landscaping effort go to waste once the sun goes down? With well-placed lighting, you can enjoy the beauty of your gardens and yard all night long. But lighting is expensive, we hear you.

Do you really need an expert or can you pull this off on your own?

DIY Projects


If your budget or interests dictate something simple like staked-in solar pathway lighting, definitely do that yourself.

DIY vs Professional installed outdoor lights

The solar lighting is dependent on receiving enough sun so keep in mind how much sun that area receives, and how important it is to have good light year round. In winter especially, solar powered devices may be weaker than in the peak summer months. You’ll likely have to replace them frequently, but that leaves lots of opportunities to change things up.

Cheaper Low-Voltage Products

There are a variety of boxed outdoor lighting sets in numerous shapes, sizes, and prices on the market. These are typically low-voltage units, and come with numerous fixtures but minimal wiring limiting the range and placement of lights. Often, these cheaper options come with poor quality fixtures, switches, timers, and parts. These types of sets typically come with a 1 year warranty, so replacing these parts may happen more frequently than you’re prepared for.


As soon as you place lighting outside, it’s at the mercy of the elements. Ask yourself if the set you have your eye on will stand up to Mother Nature twelve months of the year. Don’t throw away your hard-earned money. Plastic parts and cheap components will only cause more headaches down the road.

DIY Skillset

DIYers need to honestly evaluate their skill level. Do you have a good working knowledge of electrical parts and components? The heartbreaking consequences of these mistakes can’t be fixed with money.


Professional Installation

Here are five great reasons why we think hiring a professional will pay off in the end and make you glad you never went DIY.


Landscape lighting designers have extensive experience on a large variety of projects. They understand what’s essential for outdoor lighting and will help you realize your dreams for lighting those outdoor spaces while keeping your budget in mind.

They understand what works well together and what doesn’t. They can see the overall project and understand how smaller changes affect the big picture.

Professional lighting experts will work with you to help personalize your system with your own sense of style, while showing you the available options each step of the way and making suggestions that will help bring the whole system together into one cohesive lighting design.


Professional outdoor lighting designers and installers are trained in working with electricity and electrical systems. It only takes one wrong move when dealing with electricity and you are dealing with damage to the equipment and wiring or worse to you or a loved one.

Understanding how to work around other utilities means they know who to contact for proper locates and how to design and work around them safely without compromising your vision for illuminating those outdoor spaces after dark.

The DIY handyman needs to honestly assess whether they’re comfortable working with electricity (sometimes electricity and water), heights, or digging.

Safety for everyone is a priority before, during and after the installation of your outdoor lighting system. Experienced lighting designers understand electrical code and inspection requirements and will work with the local authorities to ensure all required permits and inspections are completed.

Fixture Selection

For the average homeowner, fixture selection is limited to what is available at the local hardware store. This is not the case for Nite Time Decor or other professional lighting service companies. Landscape lighting service providers have access to many different high-quality manufacturers and suppliers (many unavailable in big box stores) and can help you choose not just an adequate fixture for each space, but the fixture best suited to the aesthetic, budget and lighting requirements for that space. With Nite Time Decor, your options are endless when it comes to available fixtures and styles.

Outdoor Lighting Design

Professional installation means that your yard won’t look like everyone else’s on the block.

Outdoor landscape lighting design backyard pool

Whether you’re looking to enhance curb appeal, provide better security, or provide ambiance to your yard after dark, professionals will recommend fixtures and elements, with varying bulb wattage and colours, prevent annoying glares and creepy shadows, and ensure distinctive highlights are prominent.

At Nite Time Decor our talented team of designers offer beautiful illuminating ideas for all types of properties, including commercial highrises, nightclubs, restaurants, and residential properties. From big installations to small repairs, Nite Time Decor offers all of the products and services needed to meet your unique lighting requirements.

Warranty and Maintenance

Most lighting companies including Nite Time Decor, stand behind their work and will work with you until it’s done to your satisfaction. The provide a warranty for their lighting fixtures. They can help you understand the programming and regular maintenance of your system. They will be there for you long after the installation is complete. Having a good maintenance plan and ongoing support is value that cannot be replaced when installing your own DIY outdoor lighting system.

Those are just a few of the many benefits of hiring a professional landscape lighting designer and installer to help you with your outdoor lighting project. 

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Landscape lightings adds visual interest to your home while simultaneously making it safer and increasing its property value. If you would like to discuss your landscape lighting project, or request a free estimate, contact Nite Time Decor today!