We’re happy to service and repair any outdoor landscape lighting system, whether it was installed by our technicians or one of our competitors. Whether it’s replacing a lamp or rewiring a fixture, the technicians at Nite Time Decor will provide you with excellent service and friendly advice. We’ll make sure that your current landscape lighting system is working properly and efficiently, and provide you with tips to ensure your system continues to perform for years to come.

The Importance of Maintaining Your Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Did you know that landscape lighting systems require regular maintenance in order to ensure the best possible performance? This is because outdoor landscape lighting is exposed to the elements, which can often leave it battered if not properly cared for. Your specific needs will vary depending on the type of outdoor lighting system that you have in place; however, most systems are exposed to dirt, rainfall, snow, and ice. Calcium and lime deposits, along with hard water scale and dirt can build up on lamp lenses, dramatically reducing the output of your outdoor lighting design. If your landscape lighting system is installed in a garden, you’ll also have to deal with seasonal growth and natural changes that can interfere with the performance of your setup.

Nite Time Decor proudly services Ancaster, Burlington, Dundas, Hamilton, Mississauga, Oakville and the Halton and Hamilton Regions.

Warranty Information

The following outlines specific warranty coverage for the various components used in Nite Time Decor outdoor lighting systems and repair services.


The transformers Nite Time Decor uses in their commercial and residential outdoor lighting systems carry a lifetime warranty. This warranty does not cover acts of nature, such as lightening strikes, nor does it protect against damage due to physical abuse or vandalism. This warranty is void if anyone other than a Nite Time Decor technician services the component.


Nite Time Decor’s outdoor lighting fixtures carry an impressive lifetime warranty. This warranty does not cover vandalism, misuse or uncontrollable acts of nature.


The low voltage wiring that Nite Time Decor uses on any outdoor landscape lighting system or repair is covered by a 10-year limited warranty. This warranty does not protect against vandalism, or if the wire is cut by the property owner or firms or persons hired by the property owner. The warranty does not cover electrical shorts as a result of cuts or slices in the wire.

Bulbs and Lamps

Nite Time Decor uses only the highest quality LED bulbs in their outdoor lighting systems. These bulbs are covered by a seven-year limited warranty. This warranty only applies when replacement bulbs are installed by a trained technician from Nite Time Decor. The installation of incorrect bulbs and lamps that cause the failure of your landscape lighting system are not covered by this warranty. Fixture damage caused by the property owner or another firm also cause the warranty to be voided.

Lighting-Control Automation

The timers, controls, and modules Nite Time Decor installs as part of a outdoor landscape lighting system come with a one-year limited warranty.

Don’t Fix It Yourself

If you believe that a component of your landscape lighting design is faulty, please don’t attempt to fix it yourself. Instead, contact Nite Time Decor directly at 905-632-2445 or 1-800-952-3006. Attempting to fix the problem on your own could result in personal harm, permanent damage to your outdoor lighting system, or may void your warranty.