Floodlights: Why They’re Outdated, and the Modern Solution

Updated June 26, 2023

floodlights are outdated here are modern solutions from Nite Time Decor Oakville

Why are floodlights outdated?

Too often security lighting comes in the form of floodlights. Regardless of how effective they are for lighting up a space – and even then, are they? – these ugly monstrosities of outdoor lighting create an eyesore on your lovely home. Say no to the floodlight with modern security landscape lighting Oakville! Not only are floodlights on the corner of homes highly flawed in their execution, but they can also create dark areas that are perfect for unwanted intruders.

So how else can you protect your home? Read on to find out about the flaws in floodlights and the modern solutions from Nite Time Décor Oakville landscape lighting services.

Problem #1: Unsightly aesthetic

Let’s uncover the most evident downside to floodlights before we go any further. Floodlights, if posted on poles around your home, may provide ample lighting. Yet, there’s also something about floodlights on posts that make them appear straight from a prison yard.

To solve this problem, most homeowners put floodlights on the corners of their homes instead. As you’ll see, this causes its own set of problems with outdoor lighting. And to top it all off, these types of lights don’t look anymore attractive or welcoming to guests on the corners of your home as they do on posts around the yard.


floodlights are outdated here are modern solutions from Nite Time Decor Oakville

Problem #2: The light that cried wolf

Floodlights are hooked up to sensors that flip on when an intruder passes by. The problem is that most of the time your floodlight can’t tell the difference between a cat and a burglar. If the sensor has been adjusted to precise perfection, then you may get an effective sensor that only lights up for burglars. Otherwise, your neighbours and you will be so used to seeing the light flip on that you may not make a move when it actually matters.

Problem #3: Short life span

Floodlights, in comparison to almost every other landscape lighting fixture, have short lifespans. Usually these types of lights are on a photocell, which burns out easily, particularly if it’s flipping on regularly.

Problem #4: Dark spaces

When floodlights are on the side of buildings, they tend to light up huge areas of space while leaving many other areas in the dark. If you do happen to have Nite Time Décor Oakville landscape lighting services in other areas, the floodlights will ruin the aesthetic.

If you don’t have other outdoor lighting, then these floodlights are making perfect entry points for burglars and other trespassers with the dark, forgotten gaps.

Solutions: Nite Time Décor landscape lighting services

Nite time decor Oakville beautiful landscape lighting without the use of outdated floodlights

Nite Time Décor offers outdoor lighting that will provide both an appealing aesthetic, and safety and security to your home. Our lifetime maintenance guarantee offers excellence and security.

Though this article is on commercial security lighting, it will provide some useful information about how to light up your yard with landscape lighting without sacrificing either security or beauty.

The thing to remember is to cover up dark patches along walls, fences, trees, and pathways. Once you do that, you’ll just need to add in some design tips from one of the pros to gain highly functional, gorgeous Nite Time Décor landscape lighting services.

Begin your landscape lighting design and installation today with a complimentary light demo and quote from Nite Time Décor Oakville.