Prevent Light Pollution From Your Landscape Lighting

Updated June 26, 2023

When was the last time you saw a night sky full of stars in the city? It’s probably been a while. Stars in the city sky are a rare appearance, and it’s all because of light pollution. Light pollution is a term that’s frequently thrown around, but what does it actually mean? Did you know that your landscape lighting can contribute to pollution?

Nite Time Décor loves everything to do with lighting. That’s why we want to see nature’s lanterns when we look up from our gently illuminated backyards. We’re sure you do too.

At our Oakville residential lighting service, we feel that there is a delicate balance when it comes to getting the right amount of outdoor light. You need to see what you’re doing. But wouldn’t it also be nice to see rest of your yard? Or the stars? If you use your residential landscape lighting in strategic ways, it’s possible to achieve the right amount of light, as opposed to creating unnecessary light pollution.

If you’re ready to take steps towards preventing and decreasing light pollution, read on for tips about how you can adjust your landscape lighting services to accomplish just that.

What is light pollution?

Light Pollution in the Greater Toronto Area
Light Pollution in the Greater Toronto Area

Light pollution is excess lighting in the sky or poor use of artificial outdoor light. It’s what makes stars so difficult to see in the city, and brightens the night sky to be lighter than the natural indigo, to be almost purplish at times.

Light pollution sounds harmless, but in fact it has a several negative side effects for human health. These include hypertension, anxiety, increased headaches, deteriorating or weakened vision, disruption of sleep and, in recent research, a possibility of increasing the chances of cancer development.

In addition, artificial lights disrupts the natural patterns of wildlife.

According to International Dark Sky Association, “Every year millions of birds die colliding with needlessly illuminated buildings and towers. Migratory birds depend on cues from properly timed seasonal schedules.”

Artificial lights can cause birds to migrate too early or too late and miss ideal climate conditions for nesting, foraging and other behaviors.

Luminous pollution has three components:

Light trespass: This is when light is cast where it doesn’t belong or where it isn’t wanted or needed.

Glare: This is when light is too bright. It can be annoying for some people, hazardous in certain cases, and can inhibit some people’s ability to see properly.

Sky glow: This happens when light is projected into the night sky, either directly or by reflection. This can obscure your view of the stars.

Lighting of any kind is expensive enough to run. You don’t want to waste any of your residential landscape lighting by having it shine in unintended areas. By being precise with your lighting, you will not be paying for waste and your landscape lighting will be more visually appealing.


Here are tips to prevent outdoor lighting pollution: 


Trim Down your landscape lighting

Sometimes, less really is more. Too many homeowners over illuminate with landscape lighting. Not only does this contribute to pollution, but it can look aesthetically unappealing as well.

Nite Time Décor Oakville recommends that you go for a minimalist look in your landscape lighting. This is a more chic style, and also saves you money and resources. Further, you’ll drastically reduce the amount of light pollution in your neighbourhood by going a little softer on the landscape lighting.

Subtle, softer low voltage lighting is another way to trim down the pollution from your outdoor lighting. These soft glows offer a more subdued, welcoming effect, rather than a bright, prison yard appearance.

Use Dimmer Switches Indoors

Ever thought your lamps were too bright? Wish you could have mood lighting to create a more comfortable, warm feeling in your home? Dimmer switches can accomplish this for you, while also reducing the light pollution surrounding your house.

Turn Off Unnecessary Lights

Down Lights helps prevent light pollution.
Down Lights helps prevent light pollution.

If you’re not in a room, why keep it lit up? The same goes for your yard. When you’re not using your lawn, you should keep only those lights on which are necessary for safety and security.

All of your Nite Time Décor Oakville landscape lighting services used for aesthetics can get switched off as soon as the neighbours begin going to bed. In the case of your backyard, your aesthetic lights or those brightening gathering areas don’t need to go on at all when you’re not using the yard.

Flipping off unnecessary lights both inside and outside the house will save you money, resources, and will prevent light pollution in your neighbourhood.

Getting in the routine of shutting off what you don’t need is an all around benefit for your home.

Down Lights Contain Beams

Down lighting is often recommended when using landscape lighting to light up cottages, but the technique works beautifully in the city as well. Down lighting offers a more direct, controlled beam of your outdoor lighting. Rather than shining up into the sky, down lighting centers on a single fixed focus.

Down lighting to prevent light pollution with your landscape lighting system oakville

We Can Help!

Nite Time Décor is committed to responsible lighting that isn’t wasteful. We can make recommendations or adjust your current Nite Time Decor landscape lighting so you know you are doing your part.

If you would you like to gently illuminate your home and backyard without causing pollution, contact us today to receive a complimentary quote on a new beautiful and professionally installed Nite Time Décor landscape lighting.  We serve homeowners throughout Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Halton and the Hamilton region.