How to Light a Backyard Event

There are several elements to hosting a memorable backyard event. You need the right weather, delicious food, good company and the right landscape lighting system to set the mood. But lighting does more than create ambiance; a great outdoor lighting system can also perform functional tasks such as providing cues or segues for presentations. Use your Burlington landscape lighting to highlight water features or architectural pieces, or make it the décor itself. Here’s how to light up your backyard this spring and summer using outdoor lighting.

Give Your Landscape Lighting System a High-Tech Feel

Over the years, lighting technology has become more sophisticated, greatly improving the quality and flexibility of Burlington landscape lighting. However, high-tech doesn’t always mean high-impact. If you’re looking to create a big lighting bang for not a lot of bucks at your next outdoor event, don’t assume you need a state-of-the-art system. Simply contact Nite Time Décor and ask about our outdoor lighting system options. Our systems can be modified to feature coloured lighting or repositioned in order to create different effects and highlights on the features you want to stand out:

Put the spotlight on your garden with our mini wash light.

Illuminate tall features such as trees, statues or walls with our spotlight.

Shed some light on a pathway with a little help from our area lights.

There are plenty of alternatives, so don’t just turn a porch light on. Instead, illuminate your life with a Burlington outdoor lighting system. We have solutions to satisfy a wide range of budgets.

Keep It Discreet

The effects of our Burlington landscape lighting are pretty, but sometimes you want the lighting effects themselves to be the only thing that’s seen. One cost-effective option is to use a high wattage, bright light on a high strand. From there you can use reflective materials, such as foil or gossamer silk. Scrim is a translucent cloth that will really bring your landscape lighting system to life. Scrim can be put on walls or ceilings and it can be used with par cans, spot lights, or other lights.

Use Your Landscape Lighting System Intelligently

The secret to event lighting involves matching the movement and colour of the light to the mood of the event décor, theme, music, and vibe. More extravagant systems require a computer to operate, but simplistic ones just have a colour filter or maybe a dimmer so you can get the effect that you want.

One way to use intelligent lighting is to push the envelope with your Burlington landscape lighting. A person’s sense of what’s visually appealing can be manipulated using design; if you’re in the process of planning an outdoor event, now is the opportune time to consult with an expert at Nite Time Décor for outdoor lighting ideas. Don’t shy away from new trends – let the light stream in!

Different Ideas for Your Outdoor Event

Try lining aisles in your backyard with lights, such as our area lights or tiki torches. This looks especially nice in a dimly lit setting.

Try hanging lights from a high point, such as in a tree, or attached to your home. A nice effect is several lights going across one another. Alternatively, one strong light can make a statement on its own.

Don’t leave your backyard in the dark! Contact Nite Time Décor for a consultation and find out how to bring out the beauty in your yard.