Commercial Landscape Lighting Tips for Golf Courses

Updated June 26, 2023

Golf Course Landscape Lighting Ideas

If you’re looking to capture the beauty of your golf course at night with some commercial landscape lighting, moonlighting could be the answer. This will enhance the beauty during evening events, as well as enhance the attractiveness of your club entrance. In addition, investing in landscape lighting can enhance the security of your golf course. To find out how to achieve a secure, aesthetically pleasing outdoor lighting system for your golf course, keep reading!

Commercial Landscape Lighting Tips for Golf Courses

What is Moonlighting?

Moonlighting, as the name suggests, aims to mimic the light of the moon. This lighting technique will create a soft, glowing effect that shines down on your golf course. Another side effect of this commercial landscape lighting technique is that it creates a unique shadowing design, which completes the moonlight resemblance.

What’s more, Nite Time Décor uses only the finest materials in their lighting fixtures, such as copper, in order to enhance the look and feel of your professional landscape lighting design. This will allow the lights to blend in seamlessly with the landscape of your golf course.

Tips for Including Moonlighting Techniques in Your Landscape Lighting Design

If you’re planning on installing a commercial landscape lighting system at your golf course, it’s important to note that moonlighting fixtures are typically installed in large trees. This allows light to filter through the branches, resulting in a natural moon-like glow, regardless of the actual moon or weather.

Commercial Landscape Lighting Tips for Golf Courses

It’s worth noting that you may need to use numerous fixtures in order to filter enough light through the trees on your golf course. As such, we encourage our clients to ask their commercial lighting rep about our LED light systems. These economical options are designed to help lower your utility bills and reduce light pollution. To save energy further, try automating your lighting system.

To give off a more shadowy effect, try placing the lights close to the trunk, but higher up in the tree. On the other hand, if you want fewer shadows, mount your commercial landscape lighting fixtures near the edge of the canopy and closer to the ground.

Highlight Architectural Features with Landscape Lighting!

You can also use lighting to enhance the unique features of your building or any statues around your property. When decorating your building, the experts at Nite Time Décor take into account what your building looks like, how useful the lighting set up is, and the energy-efficiency of the fixtures that are being used.

Our Commercial Landscape Lighting Can Enhance Security

Commercial Landscape Lighting Tips for Golf Courses

Obviously, you will want your golf course to remain a safe place. Darkness gives thieves or unwanted intruders convenient places to hide. The proper use of landscape lighting will increase the area of visibility in your golf course at night. This can also help employees feel safer as they leave to go home for the night.

While this option won’t increase the aesthetics of your golf course, adding motion-sensing lights around the various entrances and exits of your building and property is a great way to improve safety. Motion lights will save electricity, while at the same time illuminating specific areas if the sensor is triggered by unwanted activity.

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