Pet Friendly Lighting and Landscaping Ideas

Updated June 26, 2023

Pet friendly lighting and landscaping ideas

Top 3 Pet Friendly Lighting and Landscaping Ideas

Pet friendly lighting and landscaping ideas

If you’ve ever owned a pet, you know these fuzzy creatures are as much a part of your family as your own flesh and blood. Adorable and fun to cuddle, cats and dogs make for great companions in almost any home. However, let them out into your yard to play and that relationship can quickly sour. As a loving owner, you want to make sure that your pet is healthy and happy. As a homeowner, you want to keep your home, yard and landscape lighting system in tip-top shape.

The key to keeping everyone happy? Compromise. Your yard can look great and provide a safe space for your pet to play – both during the day and at night.

Here are some ideas to help you pet-proof your property from our Burlington landscape lighting company.

Idea #1: Pets Will Be Pets

Your pet spends just as much (if not more!) time in your yard as you. As such, shouldn’t you make an effort to ensure the space is suited to their needs too? Whether it’s including a grassy area for afternoon naps, or a flood light for late night bathroom breaks, accommodating your pets’ needs with these pet friendly ideas, will go a long way to improving the harmony in your home, and the overall beauty of your yard. Of course, animals are going to have some annoying habits – digging and chewing are two of the most frustrating – but even these issues can be managed with a little planning and perseverance.

For diggers, consider creating an area in your yard designated for this activity – preferably away from any buried landscape lighting wires. Encourage your pet to bury bones and other toys here in order to salvage the rest of your lawn.

If your old landscape lighting system has exposed electrical wires, do yourself and your pet a favour and contact our maintenance department at Nite Time decor landscape lighting specialists today. When installed properly, your landscape lighting systems should be pet proofed and be of no concern to your pet. However, regular maintenance is required to ensure that all components are properly protected and/or buried.

Idea #2: Take Preventative Measures

Protect your home and landscape lighting system from the potential of pet damage by instituting some simple preventative measures. For instance, if digging is definitely an issue with your pet, consider placing decorative rocks or paving stones around garden areas or landscape lighting fixtures. Raised areas, such as flower beds, are also a great option as the differing elevations makes them difficult for digging.

Idea #3: Keep Safety in Mind

Keep your pets’ health and safety in mind when selecting your landscaping vegetation and outdoor lighting materials. It’s worth noting that cats are more likely to nuzzle and chew on plants; if you have a few feline friends at your house, consider pruning and cutting down on the amount of ground cover vegetation that’s growing around your landscape lighting fixtures. Instead, plant a pet friendly garden of catnip, cat thyme, mint, or valerian somewhere safely away from your system.

At Nite Time Décor, we’re careful to avoid the use of sharp metal edging in order to protect sensitive paws. We also take special precautions to ensure that all of the electrical wiring and mechanical components of your system are safely out of reach of your pet.

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Pets are curious creatures by nature. As a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy environment is available to explore. Improve the look of your property will at the same time keeping your pet out of harms way with professional pet friendly landscaping and lighting services from Nite Time Décor. Call 1-800-952-3006 for more information or book a free onsite consultation using our online quoting system.