Top 13 Benefits of LED Outdoor Lighting

Updated June 26, 2023

Residential Landscape Lighting front porch by Nite Time Decor Burlington

You’ve worked hard to create an attractive an inviting oasis in your yard and with a little lighting you can show it off and enjoy it even after the sun goes down. If you want lighting but are concerned about the costs and energy consumption, why not try LED outdoor lighting? Versatile LED lighting can accentuate the beauty of your yard and create an inviting yet secure atmosphere after dark in an energy efficient way.

Outdoor lighting done right creates the right atmosphere to enjoy summer evenings outdoors, improves the aesthetics and curb appeal of your home and enhances the security of your home.

Residential Landscape Outdoor Lighting by Nite Time Decor BurlingtonAccording to recent research and developments in the field of landscape lighting, LED technology is by far the most efficient, economical, and affordable option for your next outdoor lighting upgrade. The equivalent of digital light, LED technology certainly has its advantages – both for users and the planet as a whole.

What is LED Lighting?

Light-emitting diode technology, or LED, has been available for quite some time. In fact, most people are now familiar with its use in computer monitors and flat-screen televisions. Today, LED bulbs are the most popular energy efficient lighting available on the market for both indoor and outdoor uses for many reasons.

Top 13 Benefits of LED Outdoor Lighting

Light up your life with LED technology. The following are just 13 of the top reasons why LED technology is changing the outdoor landscape lighting for the better.

Save Money

  • Light-emitting diode lights use less energy, involve less waste, and therefore save you more money in the long run.
  • You may be thinking, “But LED outdoor lighting is so expensive!”  And it’s true – the initial cost of installing LED landscape lighting can cost more. But look at the long-term savings. When you crunch the numbers (and, trust us, we have!), over time you save more money with an LED system than a traditional setup – a lot more.  Our calculations have told us that for one year of LED outdoor lighting you will save almost $70 compared to conventional lighting, and almost $40 compared to halogen lamps.
  • LED lights also last longer, meaning that the purchasing costs occur less frequently than with conventional lighting.  Throw Nite Time Décor’s lifetime maintenance into the mix, and you’ll enjoy a worry- and hassle-free LED outdoor lighting system for many years to come.

LED Cost Savings for Outdoor Landscape Lighting


LED Lights have a Long Life

LED Lights offer an incredibly long lifespan. This is by far the biggest advantage to LED lighting technology. If you live on a large property that requires a significant landscape lighting, LED lights will save you money. LED lights and diodes have an operational life of roughly 100,000 hours. That’s roughly 11 years of continuous use, and 22 years at 50% operation! This results in fewer maintenance and repair calls for burnt out bulbs. Imagine only having to change your bulbs once every decade!

LED Lighting are Energy Efficient

LEDs are easily the most efficient way to illuminate the night, thanks to an estimated energy efficiency rating of 80%-90%. This means that less than 20% of the energy is lost; compare this to traditional incandescent lightbulbs, which operate at the opposite efficiency (20% with an 80% rate of energy loss), and it’s easy to see why our Burlington landscape lighting experts recommend this durable lighting option.

LED Lights are 100% Recyclable

There’s a reason that LED lights are considered to be the most environmental choice. Not only do they allow you to expend less energy, but they are also made without the use of toxic chemicals. Fluorescent light bulbs contain materials like mercury, which is well known for its dangerous side effects. LED lights are free of toxic chemicals and are thus better for the environment. They are also 100% recyclable and will help you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Outfitting your home with LED landscape lighting allows you to decrease your carbon footprint, eliminate costly bulb purchases and changes, and reduce your lighting bill.

LED Lights have Less Waste

And don’t forget about that extended lifespan. Just one LED bulb in your landscape lighting system can save the material and production of 25 incandescent bulbs. And this will create less waste over the lifetime of your outdoor lighting system.


LEDs are Strong and Sturdy

LED lightbulbs are manufactured to withstand some of the roughest and toughest conditions imaginable. The fact that they do not contain filaments, are resistant to shock, vibrations and external impacts makes them a great choice for landscape lighting installations.


LED Lights Insect Control

LED amber lights don’t attract insects like regular incandescent lights do. With LEDs you can enjoy your outdoor space without being eaten by bugs.

 Zero Emissions

LED lights give off very little heat. In fact, they produce zero UV emissions. This enables them to stay cool and efficient, unlike those old conventional lights. This reduces the amount of wear on your landscape lighting fixtures over time.

 Flexible Design Options

LEDs are extremely flexible lighting tools and can be designed in a way that creates a warm and inviting ambiance.

LEDs are available in a wide array of colours and fixture styles. Your space can be customized to meet your exact needs. By varying fixtures and colours you can create a space that is functional, beautiful and energy efficient.

Since they don’t emit a lot of heat, they can easily be grouped together to create efficient illumination.

Outdoor landscaping LEDs can also be dimmed, creating a controlled lighting display such as whimsical lighting for parties, or dim mood lighting for small, cozy nights on the patio.

See the beautiful design options for yourself, check out our gallery to see some of the most stunning outdoor landscaping lighting designs we’ve created over the years.

Weather and Temperature Resistant

Since LEDs are highly durable, they’re ideal for operation under cold and low outdoor temperatures. As such, there’s no need to worry when it starts to snow here in Ontario. Your LED lighting system will continue to shine on, even when the barometer begins to plummet.

Control Over Light Distribution

LED bulbs are designed to focus their light. This means that fixtures can be directed to a specific location without the aid of external reflectors. This results in clear, direct light application.

Immediate Illumination

LED lights brighten up instantaneously. Simply flip the switch and your landscape lighting design will light up the night.

Low-Voltage Power

LED landscape lighting systems don’t require an awful lot of power to function properly and that’s another great way to save on your energy bills!

Light your home with professionally installed landscape lighting

In Summary

LED lights are easily the most energy efficient and cleanest form of eco-friendly illumination.

Outfitting your home with LED landscape lighting allows you to decrease your carbon footprint, eliminate costly bulb purchases and changes, and reduce your lighting bill.  Furthermore, LED lights are designed to operate at their best in both extreme heat and extreme cold, making them perfectly suited to Ontario’s extreme climate. You won’t be left in the dark regardless of the season

Put the power of LEDs to work for you. Contact one of our Burlington landscape lighting experts today to learn more about our powerful LED landscape lighting designs.

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