Plan Moonlighting with Nite Time Décor

Spring is here and that means that you get to experiment with your Oakville landscape lighting. There are all sorts of decorations and outdoor lighting services that you can use to transform your lawn into an oasis of beauty. Nite Time Décor can help you design your outdoor lighting services in a way that creates a gorgeous contrast with the night sky.

One of the best ways to take advantage of your Nite Time Décor landscape lighting is with moonlighting. Moonlighting is the effect of imitating the moon in your yard. It offers a natural brilliant lighting to your yard that is subtle, beautiful, and elegant. Nite Time Décor has a few tips on how you can create gorgeous moon effects with your Oakville landscape lighting.

Don’t over light
Moonlighting isn’t bright and vivacious light the sun. It’s subtle, gentle, and elegant. When you use your Nite Time Décor landscape lighting to recreate the moon, use a few select lights in gentle voltage. Don’t use too many fixtures, and only offer as much as will build a light glow across your lawn. You want it to illuminate your yard enough to protect against intruders, but not so much that it will be bright and overwhelming. It’s a hard balance to find, but a Nite Time Décor specialist can help you out.

Indulge in blues
The two tones that you’ll want to use to create moon outdoor lighting services are blue and white. These are the two colours that actually offer a moonlight effect. Ambers will be far too bright to create the effect that you want, and will instead appear to be sunlight. Mimic moonlighting with light blue tones and whites. Make sure your blue Oakville landscape lighting isn’t too blue, however, as this will create a carnival, neon appearance.

Create a complex design
When you’re using your Oakville landscape lighting to create moonlighting, you want to make sure that you create a complex design with layering. Layered outdoor lighting services will generate a more natural look. Moon and stars produce a complex appearance that cannot be replicated using only single lights. Layer, overlap, and use many lights to create the appearance you want.

Use the reflection in the water
There’s nothing more beautiful than the reflection of the moon and stars in the water. If you want to create realistic moonlighting with your Nite Time Décor landscape lighting, use the water. Position your Oakville landscape lighting so that it shines off of the surface of any ponds, pools, or fountains in your lawn. Shine lights from your trees or shrubbery nearby so that the water glistens off of the surface.

Choose your locale carefully
Remember that moonlighting doesn’t always have to be from trees. Sometimes it can be from the tops of your roof, patio, or gazebo in order to create a layered and beautiful moonlighting effect. This will always depend on your unique lawn design. A Nite Time Décor specialist can help you figure out what areas are best for your moonlighting locales.

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