How to Tell the Professional Outdoor Lighting Jobs from DIY Systems

The Real Deal:
How to Tell the Professional Outdoor Lighting Jobs from DIY Systems
There’s no doubt about it: a dynamic outdoor lighting design boasts the ultimate blend of form and function. However, many people try to cut costs by installing their outdoor lighting themselves. They may think that no one will notice, however this could not be further from the case. It’s painstakingly obvious when someone has not taken the time and effort to professionally design their landscape lighting system. Outdoor lighting is more than just pretty lights: it’s an investment in your property, and should be treated as such. Here are some telltale signs someone has attempted a DIY lighting job.

Poor Lighting Placement
Perhaps you think that all you need is a singular bulb hanging outside of the entrance to your home. And maybe it doesn’t matter what direction those bulbs are aiming, as long as they are there, right?

Wrong. There’s much more to outdoor lighting design than that!

Believe it or not, a good outdoor lighting design can be used to paint a portrait with your landscape. Use it to highlight water features, or show off those beautiful shrubs, or to give your property some much needed “pop.”

Bothering Your Neighbours with Light Pollution
Carbon emissions aren’t the only form of pollution. If you have your lights placed haphazardly and are aimed in all different directions, your outdoor lighting may be illuminating more than just your property. With lights shining through their windows at all hours of the night, your neighbours may not appreciate your latest DIY venture.

However, light pollution is also a colossal waste of money. The longer you spend lighting up something other than your property, the more dollars you flush down the drain in wasted electricity bills. Professional lighting designers can not only keep your outdoor lights pretty, but they can keep them shining on your property.

Unmaintained Outdoor Lighting
If you notice that some lights are on, but not others, this is a pretty good indicator that the homeowner has been maintaining their system without professional help. As well, with improper wiring, one wrong move can put your entire design out of commission. That’s why Nite Time Décor Oakville offers a lifetime maintenance warranty for your outdoor lighting system.

Six months after your installation, Nite Time Decor will send a technician to your property for a check-up. At the end of the first, year, we’ll check in again to ensure that your outdoor lighting system is in compliance with our high standard of excellence.

And we do more than just replacing bulbs.

Our warranty also covers the following:

Replacing any broken lamps

Trimming any foliage blocking the light

Repositioning lights to ensure the proper effect is being achieved

Checking voltages to ensure all fixtures are at the correct level

At Nite Time Decor, we don’t want you risking your personal safety or the functionality of your lighting system.

We want your system maintained by a professional and we guarantee that your lighting system will always look great and function the way it should. All of our fixtures, wires, bulbs and transformers can be replaced at no charge if they’re faulty during the warranty period.

Don’t give yourself a shoddy DIY lighting job. Treat yourself to a professionally designed and installed Oakville outdoor lighting system. Contact Nite Time Décor today for your complimentary quote.