Waterfront Property Landscape Lighting Tips

Updated June 26, 2023

waterfront landscape lighting tree illumination Nite Time Decor Burlington

Waterfront property landscape lighting Nite Time Decor Oakville

Ah, nothing says summer like kicking back and relaxing on a waterfront deck or patio. If you’re one of the lucky folks who owns waterfront property in the Burlington, Oakville, and Hamilton area, chances are good that you’re the envy of all your friends. And for good reason. The sound of the surf, the warm, moist breeze, the sand between your toes… there’s nothing quite like sitting next to the water.

Even though they live in paradise, waterfront property owners are forced to deal with their own unique mix of landscaping upgrades and maintenance projects. This includes the installation of outdoor lighting systems. While moonlit water is often lighting enough for your waterfront home, many people opt for outdoor lighting in order to enhance the aesthetics and safety of their waterfront property. If properly done, this addition can enhance the value of your home, transforming a beautiful property into something truly breathtaking.

Consider Your Lighting Options

There are many unique challenges involved in designing a waterfront  outdoor lighting system. First off, you want to make sure you select the right materials for your design. Remember, exposure to moist air can take its toll on your fixtures. When selecting the various lighting components for your system, be sure to consult with one of our lighting experts in order to ensure that the fixtures you select are durable and water resistance. Our technicians recommend avoiding brass and copper fixtures; bronze lighting fixtures are far more resistant to storm and wind damage. What’s more, they have an understated appeal that will compliment your waterfront landscape nicely.

The wiring and transformers used to connect your light fixtures will also require special consideration. Your electrical components will need to be protected from the moisture-rich air. Our lighting designers will take this into consideration when pulling the components together for your Burlington outdoor lighting design.

Setting the Mood: Design Ideas

Once you’ve tackled technical considerations, it’s time to consider the mood that you want to portray.

Professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting illuminates beauty that already exists on your waterfront property. Obviously, the most beautiful element of your property is the water itself. In most cases, this is naturally lit by the moon and stars. As such, it’s our outdoor lighting designers job to build off of this ambiance when lighting the rest of your property. In most cases, this will call for subdued lighting with a natural, moonlit feel.

The following are a few design tricks from the Nite Time Décor design book:

Direct Landscape Lighting Towards the Water

The best way to highlight your waterfront property is to let your lighting allow for a subtle view of the water. Position your outdoor lighting fixtures on landscape elements that guide your eye towards the water. If you have pathways or walkways, try lining these areas with smaller fixtures for safe evening strolls.

Light Up Trees, Passageways, Decks and Patios


waterfront landscape lighting tree illumination Nite Time Decor Burlington

Mimic moonlight by placing fixtures in the canopy of trees; position the light to provide safe passage and usability on decks and patios.

Even out the glow by spacing your outdoor lighting fixtures evenly throughout your property. This will provide balance to your property.

Enhancing the night-time experience of a waterfront landscape can only be achieved with intelligent, low voltage lighting. A subtle glow and strategically placed fixtures will help accentuate the inherent beauty of your property in just the right way.

Contact Nite Time Decor

For more waterfront lighting tips and tricks, contact the Nite Time Decor outdoor lighting experts today. We’d be happy to send one of our talented design reps to your property for a complimentary site assessment and lighting demo. We serve homeowners and businesses throughout Hamilton, Halton, Mississauga, Burlington and Oakville.