Why Invest In a Landscape Lighting Design This Fall

The summer has come to an end and the cool weather of fall is starting to make its appearance here in Southwestern Ontario. Before you know it, that colder weather will be forcing us to retreat back indoors to the comforts of our warm, cozy homes.

When this happens and our outdoor spaces become less utilized than they are in the summer months, it might be easy to disregard the idea of a landscape lighting system. If you don’t already have a landscape lighting system designed specifically for the needs of your home or business, the fall season may seem like an odd time to start thinking about getting one. Sure, you won’t be using your outdoor space much in the late fall and winter months, so what’s the point in investing in a system now? Why not wait until the spring?

While this may seem like a logical thought, the truth is that there is more to a landscape lighting design than being able to entertain guests with backyard dinner parties. In fact, when you think about the value that a landscape lighting system provides during the late fall and winter months, it makes perfect sense to invest in landscape lighting now.


An incredibly valuable benefit to having a custom-designed landscape system installed around your home and property is increased security. While outdoor lighting also helps make your outdoor space more usable in the summer months, increased security is a benefit you can enjoy all year long.

Illuminating the outside of your home – including your driveway and parking area, doorways and entrances and the darker areas around your property – will provide an added element of security around your home.


Another valuable benefit of landscape lighting is its ability to increase safety in and around your property. This can be especially important during the winter months when it stays darker longer in the morning and gets dark quickly in the evening. Areas to consider here are frequently trafficked areas outside your home like the driveway, walkways and front entrance.  When you combine walking to and from your car each day in the dark, with poor weather conditions that have the ability to produce black ice in these areas, limited visibility can quickly contribute to a slip or fall injury. Installing a landscape lighting system that focuses on these important areas will help keep you and your family safe during the cold dark winter season.

Avoiding the Peak Season

Because many homeowners start to think about investing in a landscape lighting design in the spring and summer months, fall tends to be an off-peak season. This means that professional landscape lighting companies are typically less busy. So how does this benefit you?  Selecting a landscape lighting design and booking the installation in an off-peak period often means that a landscape lighting company can come out and perform a quick installation right away – talk about convenience!

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