Driveway and Pathway Lighting Tips + Ideas

Updated June 26, 2023

Importance of Driveway and Pathway Lighting

Installing custom outdoor lighting systems on your driveway or pathway is a great way to make your home or business more welcoming.  Driveway entry landscape lighting ideas

Not only will this lead visitors to your door and improve the curb appeal of your property, but the lighting provided can prevent robberies, intruders and trespassers.  The best aspect aside from the functionality is that the lighting also serves to enhance the beauty of any outdoor landscaping you may have.

Driveway lighting is one of the first things people see so it is important to get the outdoor lighting designed and installed correctly. If you want to install some driveway lighting at your home or business, here are some general guidelines as well as some great ideas.

Custom Outdoor Lighting for Paths

Pathway lights are great for general safety and way finding.  This also helps avoid having to use ugly flood lights when directing customers to your establishment.  When designing your path lights, avoid putting them too close together, which creates a runway effect.  Install a path of lights on poles, starting with two on either side of an entrance.

At Nite Time Décor, we recommend lining the lights along the driveway at regular well spaced intervals to improve visibility. Our area lights work beautifully for this technique. Also, when it comes to brightness, less is more.  Be subtle and avoid blinding your patrons.

Note sure where to start? Use our custom designed lighting service to come up with some unique ideas that will help set your home or business apart.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Driveways

Driveway lighting ideas and tips Placing lights in the driveway of your home or business provides a safe, welcoming entrance.

One great idea is to put a lamppost or an entry pier at the entrance, which also doubles as an address marker, making it easier for clients to locate your business.  Place driveway lights wherever there are changes of direction and close obstacles such as trees, walls, fences, boulders, or a hillside.

The last thing your business needs is a nasty accident that leaves you liable.  Place the lights every 10 to 15 feet on alternating sides.  This provides some illumination without being intrusively bright.

Post lighting: Post lighting differs from path lighting in that it often contains only one or two lights along a drive. This works especially well for shorter driveways. Simply find important focal points and install!

Transit lighting: Unlike the higher lights in the previous two methods, this technique is all about low placement lighting. This has a more subtle effect than the previous two and subtracts any glare that high lighting can cause. For a subtle lighting path along your drive, try our in ground well lights.

Ambient lighting: This works for driveways that have shrubbery or trees around the borders. Up light these to add to the overall aesthetic of your property. Our spot lights will not only add to this ambience, but they will also contribute a fair amount of light to the driveway.

Of course, you can always mix and match techniques to suit your own personal style. Try exploring all the options for lighting to create an interesting and unique driveway lighting system. The more creative you get, the better the finished product will look!

Inground well light perfect for lighting trees, posts, pathways and driveways

Lighting Options to Create the Outdoor Mood You Want

The first decision you will make when installing your custom outdoor lighting systems is whether you’ll go with solar or conventional lighting.

Solar lights have a solar panel mounted on top and do not require electrical wiring, which means minimal installation.  However, the length of the charge may vary.

A great option is our LED lighting, which uses 90 per cent less electricity and do not have issues with overheating.  You do pay a bit more initially for LED lights, but the savings in energy consumption and light bulb replacement over the lifespan more than makes up for the initial investment. Read our “Top 13 Benefits of LED Outdoor Lighting” to learn more.

Another factor to consider is the light style. Pathway and driveway landscape lighting ideas and tips

Would you like your commercial lighting designs to be prominent or subtle?  Options like lanterns, lamps, or posts protrude a bit more, but are also a great way to add decorative elements to the landscape of your business.  Recessed lighting may take a backseat to your garden, but it’s also a great way to illuminate any flowers or shrubbery without the light itself competing for attention.  This is a very personal preference, and it all depends on your business and your style.

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