How to Keep Bugs Away from Outdoor Lighting

Bugs swarming around your Oakville outdoor residential lighting can be quite annoying when you’re trying to enjoy a quiet night on your porch or deck. There is no concrete reason as to why bugs fly right into lights, but the common theory is that bugs tend to be attracted to the brightest light in the sky, like the moon, but now modern outdoor lights confuse them. This poses an irritating and persistent problem. Rather than turn the lights off or poison yourself with bug killer, depend on Nite Time Decor to make lights less appealing to buggy visitors.

Change the Location of Your Oakville Residential Lighting

This one is fairly basic, but you can do things such as switching to spotlights and putting them away from where the bugs will annoy you. Consult with our residential outdoor lighting service to ensure that no matter where lights get moved, the illumination will still shine in an appropriate area.

Have Our Residential Outdoor Lighting Service Install Motion Lights

Installing motion lights may do the trick. Have Nite Time Decor install motion lights but put the sensor away from the lights. Just be sure that the area you want to light up gets lit! This way you, and not the bugs, will trigger your Oakville residential lighting to turn on.

Try Yellow Lights in Your Oakville Residential Lighting

Bugs tend to see very well in ultra-violet light – far better than we can. Thus they are naturally drawn to these types of lights. To keep the bugs away, try and avoid installing lights in the cooler light spectrum. Trying switching to a warmer, yellower light. Insects don’t see nearly as well in the yellow to infra-red spectrum. Since they can’t see yellow lights as much, they won’t be as drawn to them. It’s important to note that this won’t actively repel the bugs, but it will certainly reduce the traffic flow around your lights, especially if you have a persistent problem with May beetles, June bugs and moths.

Useful Lighting Accessories

While any of these alone will not do the trick, they can certainly help:

Citronella candles: mosquitoes dislike the smell of citronella.

Paint your porch ceiling a light blue: the colour may help keep wasps, mosquitoes and other flying insects away.

Ceiling fans: these can be a deterrent to flying bugs. Install them above your porch or balcony.

Bug zappers: these come in both electric and solar models. They can be a bit noisy and if you get an electric model, you’ll need to pay to keep it running. Put them in an area where you don’t sit frequently to reduce the noise and potentially the traffic flow.

For more information about our outdoor lighting services and to set up a consultation, contact Nite Time Decor today!