Landscape Lighting That Keeps the Bugs Away

Is there anything worse than having annoying bugs ruin what might have been a relaxing evening on your patio? Well, yes, but not when it’s happening to you! Bugs are an undeniable part of an Oakville summer, but that doesn’t meant that have to ruin your relaxing backyard oasis! Use cleverly installed, custom landscape lighting to repel the bugs while at the same time increasing your curb appeal and adding thousands to the value of your home.

Bugs and insects are attracted to light. You’ve known this since your first camping trip as a child. There are ways that Nite Time Decor Oakville can install landscape lighting to decrease the likelihood of these pesky creatures getting in your way!

Why Do Bugs Head Towards The Light?
Have you ever looked into why bugs are attracted to bright objects? While there is no one single scientific explanation, there are several theories. To some bugs, bright lights are seen as emergency beacons, or safe havens. Bugs instinctively go towards light objects thinking that it is a safe space. Another theory is that bugs use sources of light as navigational tools. For example, on a long trip they will keep the moon on their right side. While this works incredibly well for country bugs, encountering a bright circular light, such as a flood light by your garage confuses bugs. When you see a moth repeatedly circling a light, this is an attempt to keep what they think is the moon always on their right side.

Keeping Bugs from Swarming Your Landscape Lighting
One way to prevent a small army of bugs from circling around your landscape lighting is to simply move the lights. Relocate your navigational landscape lighting to areas where swarming bugs simply won’t bother you. Our installation team is experienced at using different styles of light, and clever installation techniques to ensure that you have light directed to where you need it.

Choose Motion Activated Lights
Another way that you can reduce bug annoyances is by employing motion activated lighting. Not only will you be helping bugs make their way to their destination by not confusing them, but you’ll also save on electricity by only using the lights when you need them! Motion lights are especially useful in foot traffic areas, for example main entrance ways, garages, side doors, and back patios. They are also an important safety feature that can alert you to unwanted guests during the night.

Consider Yellow Lights For Your Oakville Landscape Lighting
Due to the fact that bugs are naturally attracted to ultra-violet light, consider installing lights in a yellow light, or infra-red spectrum. Because they won’t be able to see them as well, fewer bugs will be attracted to them. While this won’t repel the bugs altogether, it will reduce the number of bugs that are hanging around your landscape lighting. You might also consider using citronella candles, ceiling fans, and if you feel compelled – bug zappers. Combined, these tips will significantly reduce the annoyances associated with swarming bugs during a hot Oakville summer.