The Benefits of Professional Landscape Lighting For Oakville Businesses

Landscape Lighting does a lot more than just light the way to the front door. It provides first impressions, safety, and sophistication. It allows your staff and patrons alike safe access to your property in an aesthetically pleasing way, while also increasing your curb appeal! Professional Landscape lighting can also save you money, and increase your sales!

Show Off Your Location
You are proud of your business. Don’t let it hide in the dark while you’re not there. Landscape lighting makes it possible to show off your building in a sophisticated, never tacky way. First impressions are crucial when it comes to running a business. Make sure that your clients see you with your best foot forward. While many businesses, such as office buildings, are not open at night, they still need proper illumination.

For those businesses that do stay open into the night, for example restaurants, concert venues, bars, grocery stores, and more, staying adequately and attractively lit is crucial for business. Commercial landscape lighting allows you to set the mood before your patrons even walk through the front door. This is especially important for restaurants, bars, and concert venues where the right ambience can translate into fantastic sales figures.

Increase Curb Appeal
When it comes to property value, curb appeal is incredibly important. Your commercial location may look fantastic during the day, but have you thought about what it looks like at night? Dynamic landscape lighting can be customized to show off your business’ unique architecture, feature landscaping and flowerbeds, or illuminate your company sign. These elements will go a long way to giving your business with a professional, cohesive look all day long.

Keep Your Staff and Patrons Safe
Oakville winters can be long and cold. For a few months a year, chances are, your staff will be leaving the building once the sun has set. Keep them safe on their way home with attractive landscape lighting. Properly lit commercial locations reduce theft and deter criminal activity, keeping both your staff and their belonging safe while on the premises. Safely illuminating parking lots, walkways, or entrance areas that require keys or swipe cards will increase your staff’s feeling of safety.

Lower Insurance Premiums
Any injuries that take place on your commercial property are bad for business, not to mention for the wellbeing of your staff and patrons. Providing adequate light throughout your location is one way you can prevent injuries. As an employer it is your job to make sure that walkways, steps, staircases, doorways, and traffic areas are well lit. Your commercial insurance premiums are based on many factors. One of which is the safety of your location. Make sure it is as safe as possible with plenty of light in the areas that need it most. To find out how to lower your insurance premiums, speak to your insurance agent about landscape lighting.