How To Properly Light Your Chimney

Chimney lights may seem like a strange addition to your Burlington architectural lighting design. However, a lot of lighting service technicians love lighting up chimneys as they can be a unique aspect of a home’s visage. If you have a chimney that you wish to accent, be careful. Improper lighting could create some unintended shadowing. Here are some tips to battle this creative design prospect.

Why you should include your chimney in your architectural lighting design
Chimneys create a focal point. They are the tallest section of your house, and therefore one of the most visible aspects from the street. It also singles out your home as architecturally unique. As more and more homeowners go for electric fireplaces, fewer homes have chimneys.

What are some problems that could occur?
One of the most important things to remember about chimney lighting is that it’s extremely important to have a Burlington architectural lighting service expert install the fixtures. One of our experts will ensure that the job is done safely and done well.

Some chimneys are not visible until they rise to the roofline. This could cause some issues in proper placement of lighting fixtures. Our spotlight would light up your chimney beautifully if placed just above the eaves trough.

Architectural lighting design tips
There are a few things you’ll want to remember when lighting your chimney. Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning your design.

If you discuss chimney illumination with a lighting service technician, one of the essential aspects that they will cover is highlighting key architectural aspects. If you have anything near your chimney that may prove to be a focal point – such as gargoyles or other statues – that is something you’ll want to draw attention to.

Up lighting vs. Down lighting
Do you want your chimney lit from above, or below? Of course, this will also depend on whether or not your chimney rises from the ground up or can only be seen at the roofline. Look at the placement of other lighting fixtures on your home to see if up lighting or down lighting will create a cohesive façade in your architectural lighting design.

Recessed lights
Do you want the lighting fixture to remain in sight, or invisible? This is entirely about personal taste. Remember, though, that there are fewer options for rooftop lighting than for ground lighting, where post lights are available.

Think eco-friendly
LED lights may be an option for you if you want to protect your wallet, and help save Mother Nature from unnecessary electrical usage. LED lights are becoming more and more popular.

You may be thinking that LEDs are expensive. While this is true of the initial costs, the long-term savings will exceed the original expense. You’ll also be taking a progressive stance in reducing your carbon footprint. Just by buying a different light bulb!

If you have any questions regarding specific chimney preferences, contact one of our architectural lighting service specialists today.

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