Enhance Security at Your Business with Outdoor Commercial Lighting

It wasn’t until roughly ten years ago that outdoor security lighting became a high priority for commercial spaces and local retailers. Back then, lighting in parking lots and on the exterior of commercial buildings was expensive and unattractive. Luckily, recent outdoor landscape lighting advancements have helped improve commercial landscape lighting options, creating affordable and aesthetically pleasing illumination options for business owners. If you haven’t evaluated your outdoor security lighting lately, now is the perfect time to contact Nite Time Decor for a custom consultation and outdoor landscape lighting quote.

Basic Considerations for Your Commercial Lighting System
When it comes to designing a commercial outdoor lighting system, it’s important that you focus on some fundamentals. When evaluating the safety and security of a commercial landscape lighting installation, the experts at Nite Time Decor recommend that you focus on five basic considerations:

  1. The intensity of the light – how bright should it be to increase the property’s security and enhance the aesthetic of the storefront and/or grounds?
  2. The uniformity of the light – is the lighting consistent throughout the property? Are areas of the commercial property left in shadows?
  3. The colour of the lighting – could coloured lighting be used to better enhance the commercial landscape lighting installation? How accurately does the lighting render colour?
  4. The lighting’s efficiency – how much light per watt of electricity is being emitted? Is there a more efficient alternative?
  5. Lamp life – how long will the lamps last before they must be replaced? Is there a longer lasting option available?

Landscape Lighting Suggestions to Improve the Safety of Your Commercial Property
Improving the lighting levels outside of your commercial property doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. The outdoor landscape lighting experts at Nite Time Decor can help improve your commercial lighting set-up quickly and efficiently. The following are just a few suggestions to help you improve the security of your commercial property with light:

  1. Evaluate your landscaping
    The growth of trees and other types of landscaping can have a significant effect on your outdoor security lighting. A well-designed commercial landscape lighting system becomes ineffective if plant growth blocks large portions of the light. Regularly trimming your landscaping will help ensure that your commercial lighting system is performing to the best of it’s ability.
  2. Compare lighting types
    Many older types of  landscape lighting fixtures or luminares (commonly used in parking lots) are inefficient because they project much of their light horizontally and upward rather than downwards. The commercial lighting experts at Nite Time Decor recommend replacing this type of lamp with a more modern downlighting fixture to increase the efficiency of the lighting effect.

Outdoor lighting plays a crucial role in the safety and security of commercial property. Learn more about proper security lighting levels from the expert landscape lighting installers at Nite Time Decor – contact us today!