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Transform Your Garden After Dark with Outdoor Lights

You’re exhausted after a long day of work, but before you get outside to enjoy the fresh air, in your tranquil garden, the sun has set on your relaxing outdoor evening.

As the summer season fades, and your evenings become shorter, you have less time to appreciate the oasis that has grown in your yard — even while your garden is in bloom.

Unearth your garden’s potential with outdoor lights.

At Nite Time Decor, we transform homeowners’ gardens after dark with outdoor lighting designs that enhance the appearance of the landscape and improve safety after dark.

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As landscape lighting companies crowd the market, it can be difficult to determine those with the knowledge and experience to make careful, purpose-driven decisions for your garden.

You selected your trees, plants, and shrubs to create a beautiful looking space, and without careful illumination, they could appear washed-out and unnatural looking. Work with professionals to create an expertly designed lighting system that will enhance the beauty of your property after dark, so you can relax in your outdoor space and admire your gardens and grounds into the evening.

Nite Time Decor is a repeat Landscape Ontario Awards of Excellence winner in the Lighting Category. Our team of lighting specialists will work closely with you throughout every step of your project, from design to installation to maintenance, and make sure that we highlight the distinctive elements that you love about your property. Planning your garden’s lighting system begins with our team learning what you love about your space. Professional lighting isn’t about simply casting a spotlight after dark, it is about using a range of fixtures and lighting techniques to emphasize the beauty that exists on your property.

Whether it’s the colour of your annuals or the form of your favourite tree, our team of lighting experts can light up your landscaping and make it look extraordinary.

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To illuminate pathways around your garden during the evenings, we recommend installing path lights. Path lights provide a diffused glow around your garden, to help steer both people and pets away from flower beds and back onto your walkway.



We collaborate directly with the manufacturer of our lights to provide dependable, solid brass fixtures, with a warranty to guarantee that your system is protected for years. If you believe that the same quality may be found at a local big box store — we’ll show you the difference a professional lighting fixture makes.

Enhance the appearance of your garden at night by requesting a quote for a professional lighting system.

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People frequently apply the same standards to exterior lighting as they do to interior lights. They install lights outside without considering that lawnmowers might trim around a location, or that wires must be dug a certain depth into the soil to avoid tripping or cutting the line while digging at a later date.

Inevitably, any outdoor lighting system will require the cleaning of the lenses of the lights to remove dirt that obscures the light. Your fixtures may need re-angling after being knocked by people or animals. To ensure longevity, testing the system to determine the need for onsite repairs is also important.

Whether you need to replace a lamp or refit a fixture, Nite Time Decor’s experts will provide exceptional service and friendly guidance for any lighting system. Whether your system was installed by one of our staff or a competitor, we’ll make sure that your lights are running properly, and provide you with suggestions on how to maintain your system for years to come.

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