Two Areas Not to Forget in Your Landscape Lighting Design

When it comes to illuminating your property with landscape lighting, it can sometimes be difficult to know exactly what areas need light. When you also have to consider how you want each area illuminated, the design process can quickly become overwhelming.

Many homeowners who have never selected a landscape lighting design before tend to focus their efforts on the most obvious areas of their home and property, like the front porch and the back deck. While these areas are a great place to start, it’s important to consider some of the other, smaller details of your home. To help you remember what commonly-forgotten areas you should include in your next landscape lighting design, we’ve compiled this helpful list!

The Driveway

While it’s probably one of the most-used parts of your outdoor space, the driveway can sometimes be forgotten when it comes to landscape lighting. Sure, we need it and we use it every day, but for some reason it’s not the first thing that comes to mind when we think I need a great landscape lighting design.

The reason the driveway is one of the most important areas to illuminate, even if we don’t think of it right away, is because of the way homeowners use it. Everyone has pulled into their driveway late at night, or have walked across it at some point after the sun has gone down. Because we use it so frequently, both in the daytime and at night, it’s important to keep it illuminated so no one trips, stumbles or falls as they make their way to the front door.

Aside from safety, illuminating your driveway has other benefits too. A driveway that is lit up will detract thieves who might wander by your parked car at night, and it can also add a layer of depth to the overall aesthetics of your landscape lighting design, which is especially helpful for increasing the curb appeal of your home.


Like the driveway, the walkways that wander your home can often be forgotten when designing a landscape lighting system. While many homeowners remember to illuminate the walkways that lead up to the front entranceway, many forget about the walkways located at the back or side of the house.

These areas are important to illuminate because they act as a safety feature. Like the driveway, they are areas that are frequently used and can cause a hazard if they are not illuminated properly after dark. When creating the perfect outdoor lighting design for your home, remember to assess all the frequently used walkways around your home – whether it’s the ones at the side of your house or the path that leads from the back deck to the gazebo.


If you’re creating a landscape lighting design for the first time, or you’re just looking to spruce up your existing design, it’s important to take a hard and thorough look at your property before you get started. Map out the areas you want to illuminate and pin-point the areas that get used the most. Doing this kind of assessment will help you determine exactly what you need your landscape lighting design to do.

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Creating the perfect landscape lighting design can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially if you’re a new homeowner or you’ve never selected your own outdoor lighting design before. If you have questions about getting started, our outdoor lighting professionals can help! Whether you’re in the planning stages of your design, mid-way through the selection stage, or you know exactly what you want and just need a professional installation, our team is always ready to help. Contact us today to get started!

Illuminating Your Lawn

During the summer our lawns become a main focal point of our homes. We take care of it for three long seasons out of every year in hopes that it will be beautiful, green and healthy during the summer months when we want to lay out on it, play fetch with the dog on it, or simply just to show it off to our neighbours.

While we work so hard to maintain a great looking lawn, we sometimes fail to include it in our landscape lighting designs. The lawn – like the garden – has required a great deal of labour and love over the course of the seasons, so why not keep it on display even after the sun has gone down? To help show the many benefits of incorporating your lawn into your landscape lighting design, our team of lighting design experts has put together this list of reasons to light up your lawn this summer.

It Increases Aesthetics 

Extending your landscape lighting design beyond your back porch is a great way to add beauty and character to your home after dark. This is particularly useful for those who like to spend time outside hosting dinner parties with friends or enjoying a nice sit-down meal with the family on warm summer nights. Not only does thoughtfully placed lighting around your lawn help create extra space that can be used at all hours of the day and night, it also helps to create added ambiance and depth in your outdoor space.

It Provides Added Safety

One of the worst feelings you can experience is being out in the dark trying to feel your way back to a familiar space. Unfortunately, without a landscape lighting design this can become a frequent occurrence, especially if you find yourself returning home after dark or outside enjoying an outdoor activity like hot-tubbing or stargazing. While pathway lighting and porch lighting can help guide you back to where you need to be, illuminating areas of your lawn will add increased visibility which will help you get back inside without tripping, falling or stubbing a toe at any point along the way.

It Provides Increased Security

Unfortunately, it’s become common knowledge that dark, shadowed areas bring with them an increased risk for criminal activity such as theft and trespassing. While lighting around your driveway might deter thieves from snooping around your vehicles and an illuminated entranceway might deter trespassers from approaching any further toward your home, illuminating other areas of your property – including your lawn – will provide increased security. By lighting up areas of your lawn, you can effectively eliminate entry points and hiding spots for trespassers and thieves looking to get uncomfortably close to your home and belongings.

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Whether you’re looking to improve the beauty of your home and property, increase safety or amp up your security, incorporating your lawn into your outdoor lighting design will help you achieve all your lighting desires. See how some of our customers have illuminated their lawns by viewing our gallery, or contact our knowledgeable team today for information on how you can get started on the landscape lighting design of your dreams.

Illuminate your Business with Landscape Lighting

As a business owner, you want your business to stand out among your competitors. This is applicable when talking about your products and services, your customer service and even your overall brand. But it can also apply to the physical aesthetics of your business and its location, and this is where a beautiful landscape lighting design can really help.

If you think a landscape lighting design can only be used to illuminate your backyard or highlight the great architectural features of your home, think again. Landscape lighting designs can also be used to enhance the character and beauty of your commercial property, and make your business a charming place that customers will want to keep coming back to.

To help you create the best landscape lighting design for your business, our experienced team of lighting professionals have put together a list of things to consider before getting started.

Stick to Basic Colours

While the landscape lighting design you have at home might incorporate coloured lights to enhance certain features of your home or property, the landscape lighting design for your business should stick with bulbs that are white and light in colour. Clean white and light colours will help create a more professional ambiance that your customers will appreciate.

While clean light colours are recommended, it’s important to note that there are always exceptions that can be made. Depending on the type of both your property and your business, it may be beneficial to mix in some colour here and there.

Increased Brightness

Unlike your residential landscape lighting design that aims for subtle brightness and warm tones, your commercial landscape lighting design should be a fair bit brighter. The last thing you want to do is create a design that doesn’t fully illuminate your storefront and/or signage, or doesn’t grab the eyes of your prospective customers and clients. Increased brightness is also helpful in boosting the level of security around your business.

Illuminate Walkways

Having an eye-catching storefront that draws customers in even after the sun has set is great for business. But what is even more important is creating a safe and hazard-free environment. This is one of the reasons that having landscape lighting installed around your commercial property is so beneficial. If a customer ­– or even just a person passing by – slips, trips or falls while on your property, you may be liable. To avoid a serious situation like this, make sure you illuminate walkways and other areas that where pedestrians may have an increased risk of falls (stairs, slopes etc.). Installing fixtures in these areas will help increase safety while also allowing you to create additional layers of depth in your landscape lighting design.

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When it comes to your business, don’t let your competitors out-shine you when it comes to landscape lighting. Whether you want to install a landscape lighting design around your commercial property or you simply want to learn more about how a lighting design can help your business, contact our professional and knowledgeable team today at Nite Time Décor Oakville. We’d love to shine a spotlight and help you put your business up in lights!

Pet-proofing your Landscape Lighting

At Nite Time Décor Oakville, we often tell prospective customers to think about how they use their outdoor space before selecting and installing an outdoor lighting design for their home.

It’s a simple piece of advice, but it goes a long way. Some homeowners know they want an outdoor lighting design, but don’t know where to start. If you stop for a moment and really think about how you use your outdoor space, it will allow you to create an outdoor lighting design that is perfectly suited to your needs.

What homeowners sometimes fail to think about it not how they use their outdoor space, but who is using the outdoor space. Perhaps you like to sit out and relax under the stars, or barbeque a nice late-night meal. Maybe you have teenagers who like to use the hot tub or play board games on the patio. When you consider who uses the space and how they like to use it, don’t forget about your four-legged fury friends!

Most times, your dog is the one who uses your outdoor space the most, so it’s only fair that you consider them when selecting and installing an outdoor lighting system. To make sure everyone in your family can enjoy your outdoor lighting design, follow these four pet-proofing tips.

Protect Wires

Dogs, like young children, do not understand the concept and associated dangers of electrical wires. This means that you need to protect any electrical wires that are a part of your outdoor lighting design.

At Nite Time Décor, our experienced team will professionally install your outdoor lighting design and make sure all electrical wires are out of sight and protected. If you’ve performed a do-it-yourself installation or have had your outdoor lighting design installed by someone who is not a professional, you run the risk of having exposed electrical wires. If this is the case, contact our talented team at Nite Time Décor to have the exposed wires re-installed and ensure the safety of your pets and loved ones.

Create Barriers

If your four-legged friend likes to snoop or dig round the lawn and garden, it’s best to create barriers between your light fixtures and your pet. Decorative rocks act as great barriers. Simply place decorative rocks around your fixtures or overtop of areas that have underlying wires to ensure your pet does not accidentally uncover fixtures or wires.

Remove Vegetation Barriers

While creating barriers between your dog’s paws and light fixtures is a good pet-proofing technique, you’ll want to remove vegetation barriers that might surround your fixtures.  Excessive vegetation or foliage can camouflage your fixtures and might cause your pet to unknowingly uncover a fixture – or potential chew toy – while snooping through the garden one day.

Conduct Regular Checks

The best way to discover a potential hazard before it becomes a danger to you or your furry friend is to perform regular checks around your home and landscape. Look for damaged fixtures or bulbs, or chewed wires. Exposed wires, broken bulbs and damaged fixtures are all hazards that can put you, your family and your pet at risk.

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Pet-proofing your outdoor lighting design is the responsible thing to do if you have dogs or pets that enjoy your outdoor space as much – or even more – than you do. To increase safety, contact our lighting experts at Nite Time Décor Oakville to perform your pet-proofing service, or have our team professionally install your next outdoor lighting design.