Illuminate your Patio and Deck

Summer is officially here, and that means the hot summer weather is here to stay. When the hot days bring warm nights, you’ll want to make the most of your outdoor space. Whether you enjoy summer barbeques, entertaining guests on the patio or just relaxing under a star-lit sky, you’ll want an outdoor lighting design that can create just the right ambiance for your needs. When creating a patio or deck lighting design for your home, be sure to consider these four tips before making any purchases or installations.

Start with The Basics

When it comes to creating a lighting design for your patio or deck, it’s always best to take some time upfront to consider what exactly you want your design to accomplish. Make sure you think about how you use your patio and deck most often. Do you entertain guests? Do you host family dinners? Do you just like to sit outside and relax? Understanding how you use your space will help you decide how you should illuminate it.

You’ll also want to consider what benefits you are looking for. Most people who install patio and deck lighting designs want to increase the safety and security of their space after dark. To increase safety, homeowners should focus on illuminating level changes around stairs and slopes, and increasing visibility around doorways, posts or pillars and other obstacles that may be present.


After you’ve covered the basics, you’ll want to consider the more aesthetic elements of your outdoor lighting design, and highlight architectural elements that give your home its own unique style. Think back to when you first bought your home. What made you fall in love with it? Was it the textured façade? The pillars? The gazebo? Highlighting these unique architectural features will help add character and depth to your outdoor lighting design.


When planning a lighting design for your patio or deck, make sure to look at what landscaping elements surround that specific area. Is there a beautiful garden that that would create a warm and inviting ambiance if illuminated? Is there a tree that would serve as a spectacular focal point if string lights were hung from the branches? Highlighting these elements not only allow you to show off all the hard work you’ve put into landscaping your property, it also adds an additional layer of depth and character to your patio lighting design.

The Finishing Touches

Once you’ve covered the basics, assessed unique architectural elements and have pinpointed landscaping features that will all contribute to a breathtaking outdoor lighting design, it’s time to add the finishing touches. This will be the small, well-thought-out details that push your lighting design over the edge. Task lighting, underlighting (think benches and railings), and movable fixtures are all small detail elements that can have a big impact on the overall mood and ambiance of your space.

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Conserve Energy by Creating Lighting Zones

As a homeowner, you are probably conscience of the energy you are using in and around your home. Wasted energy leads to higher utility bills, which in turn take a toll on your wallet. If energy consumption is a top-of-mind matter for you, you may be hesitant to install a landscape lighting design around your home. But don’t let the fear of over-consumption scare you away from the idea. In fact, by creating lighting zones around your home, you can have added flexibility and control over how you illuminate your outdoor space, while also conserving energy in the process.

Lighting Zones

When we talk about a lighting zone, we are talking about fixtures that are grouped together on one electrical line. You can create multiple electrical lines that all go to one transformer, allowing for individual control of each line or “zone.”

You might create zones based on the proximity of the fixtures, or based on their function. If creating zones based on function for example, you might want to create a design where you can leave your security lighting on all night long, but be able to shut off your garden lighting before you go to bed.

Creating Zones

Before you install a landscape lighting design around your home – especially if you are creating zones – make sure to create a rough outline of your property and make note of any features you want to highlight with your lighting design. When creating zones, make sure you identify any lights that should have a specific purpose. Lighting that has a specific purpose should have different zones for each purpose, for example one zone for security, one for safety and one for aesthetics. Also consider how you will be using each area of your outdoor space. If you have a hot tub located under the gazebo out back, you may want to consider having the pathway lights that lead to that area and the gazebo or surrounding tree lights all in the same zone.

Flexibility and Convenience

When you create a landscape lighting design with zones, you have the ability to program each group of light fixtures separately, which adds flexibility and convenience to your lighting design. This also gives you the ability to customize your lighting design to fit your daily routine – if you go to bed early on Sunday nights, have the lights stay on longer on that night for added security.

Energy Conservation

While flexibility and convenience are great benefits, the best part of lighting your outdoor space in zones is the ability to limit your energy consumption. Without zones, you may put yourself in an “all or nothing” situation. If all your outdoor lighting fixtures are on the same electrical line, you may not have the ability to turn on the pathway lights without also turning on the garden, gazebo and patio lights as well. Similarly, if you have to turn your lights on and off manually, you may find yourself turning on the garden lights and forgetting to turn them off, which creates wasted energy. By creating zones in your landscape lighting design, you get more than just an on or off option. You can use only the lights you need, and only when you need them, which will help you conserve energy.

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Outdoor Lighting for Small Spaces

When it comes to outdoor lighting, most people think of illuminating front entrances or walkways, large backyards, or beautiful trees and gardens. While these areas are great to highlight in a landscape lighting design created for large outdoor spaces, it’s also important to remember that small spaces – like patios and balconies – can also benefit from an outdoor lighting design.

Why Illuminate Your Small Space

Just like illuminating any large outdoor space, adding some light to a patio, deck or balcony for after the sun has gone, allows you to create some valuable extra living space. Let’s face it, the patio or balcony is great for relaxing during the daylight, but when the sun sets and the daylight fades, the use of your patio or balcony can become limiting. Why not enjoy your outdoor space as much as possible?

With the right outdoor lighting design you can create a warm, calming atmosphere perfect for entertaining guests or relaxing under the stars. To get you started with planning the perfect outdoor lighting design for your small space, we’ve compiled a list of important aspects to consider before making any purchases, as well as some popular lighting design choices you may want to incorporate into your new lighting design this summer.

Common Use of the Space

When it comes to creating an outdoor lighting design for a small patio or balcony, you’ll first want to determine how you will be using the space most often. Will you be outside after dark barbequing, eating, relaxing with a cold drink, reading a book or entertaining guests? When you’ve identified what the common use for the space will be, it will be much easier to decide what kind of lighting design to install and where exactly to install it.

Map Out the Space

Before you begin creating an outdoor lighting design for your small space, it’s important to map out the area before getting started with the installation.  If there are windows or glass doors directly facing your balcony or patio, you’ll want to consider this when deciding on the right lighting options. For example, if your balcony directly faces a bedroom window or living room door, you will want to use low, subtle lighting to avoid shining light into the living space of your neighbours, or even other family members within your household.

String Lights

String lights are a very common lighting design choice for small spaces, and the best thing about string lights is they never go out of style. Another added benefit of this lighting option is the flexibility thy offer. Depending on your space and budget, you can hang string lights across the top of your outdoor space, wrap them around railings or incorporate them within the greenery of your patio or balcony.

Warm Coloured LED Bulbs

To create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere for your outdoor space, you’ll want to consider warm coloured LED bulbs. LED lights can withstand the extreme elements of Mother Nature while also providing an aesthetically-pleasing glow that will make you want to stay curled up on your patio or balcony all night long.

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Landscape Lighting for the Cottage

If you are a cottage owner, there’s a good chance that you spend more of your weekends at the cottage than you do in your own backyard. While you might use your cottage to get away from the city and enjoy the great outdoors, it’s important to remember that outdoor lighting can keep you safe and secure while also allowing you to maximize your usable space.

Because of these benefits, we recommend installing a landscape lighting system around your cottage. If you’re hesitant to this idea, you’re not alone. Most cottage goers prefer the natural light of a starlit sky or and roaring campfire. That’s why our lighting experts have outlined the best ways to use landscape lighting for the cottage so you can have all the benefits that an outdoor lighting design offers while not compromising on your outdoor experience.

Take the ‘less is more’ approach

When it comes to a landscape lighting design for your cottage there’s one important thing to remember: the cottage is not the city. Because of this, you should not treat your cottage landscape lighting design the same as the outdoor lighting you have at home. When creating a lighting design for your cottage, use a ‘less is more’ approach that allows you enough light to be safe but not so much that you’re outshining the moon.

Use down lighting

Using shields to shine the light downward as opposed to up toward the sky will help create a calm and subtle ambiance in your outdoor space and help you avoid light pollution. If you have neighbours near by, down lighting will also keep you from shining light onto your neighbour’s property while trying to illuminate your own.

Use lighting for pathways, steps and docks

Providing a safe environment for your family, friends and guests is one of the biggest benefits of installing landscape lighting around your cottage. The last thing you want to do during a weekend away is take a trip to the emergency room for an injury that was obtained due to poor visibility. Pathways, steps and docks are three of the most important areas to illuminate to create a safe outdoor environment at the cottage. Before installing your landscape lighting design, take a moment in the daytime to walk the perimeter of your cottage and scout out any areas that could present a hazard in the dark  – ascending, descending or uneven areas, stairs, pathways or the dock.

Use lighting for task areas

If you find you’re often barbecuing after dark or docking the boat after the sun has gone down, you’ll want to consider these task areas when creating an outdoor lighting design. Installing a motion sensor light near your BBQ or on the dark will allow you to complete these tasks in a safe and secure manner while avoiding over-illumination.

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Your cottage is meant to be your sanctuary away from the city, and if you’re not a lighting professional, creating an outdoor lighting design and performing a successful installation can become a lot of work. And we all know cottages are meant for relaxing weekends away. And if you choose the wrong design you leave yourself open to over-illumination that will take away from the whole cottage experience. If you install the design incorrectly you could spend hours trying to find a solution by way of trial and error.

At Nite Time Décor Oakville, our lighting professionals can help you choose the perfect design for your outdoor space and install it quickly and correctly, so you can enjoy your lighting design right away. Whether you’re looking to get a design installed right away or just have questions about where to start, contact Nite Time Décor today.