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Before you realize it, summer fades and your nights get shortened.

While an evening in late fall may offer a refreshingly cool temperature to spend outdoors, it’s hard to relish a night of barbecuing, dining, and conversing with friends — when it’s happening in the dark.

Extend your outdoor living lifestyle with a landscape lighting system.

At Nite Time Decor, we help homeowners in Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington and Hamilton transform their outdoor entertainment area with landscape lighting systems.

Enjoy your nights of backyard fun far into the fall with landscape lighting. A beautiful outdoor lighting design not only enhances the beauty of your current landscaping but also extends your evenings of fun outside after dark with improved safety and functionality.

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As a dedicated design-build lighting company, we work with you to highlight the features of your backyard landscape that you enjoy most. We employ techniques to accentuate your existing architectural structures and outdoor home decor, and we partner with our lighting manufacturer to offer you dependable, solid brass lighting fixtures with a warranty that will protect your system for years to come. If you think the same quality is available at a local big box store, let us show you the difference that a premium lighting system makes.

Nite Time Decor is a repeat Landscape Ontario Awards of Excellence winner in the Lighting Category. Our team of lighting specialists will work closely with you throughout every step of your project, from design to installation to maintenance, and make sure that we highlight the distinctive elements that you love about your property.

Enhance the look of your property after dark and request a quote for a complete lighting solution

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If you want to turn your backyard into an oasis, there are a number of lighting fixtures to choose from. From step lighting around your deck to spotlighting to add drama and curb appeal, there are numerous landscape lighting strategies available.

Architectural Lighting Design

We’ve all seen exterior lighting that appears strange. You’ve driven down a street and seen a home that more closely resembles a football stadium or a spacecraft than a house.

As more lighting companies enter the outdoor landscaping space, it can be difficult to determine those with the knowledge and experience to make careful, purpose-driven decisions for lighting your home. This can result in an unnatural exterior appearance that looks washed-out and diminishes the dramatic contrast of your home’s exterior and its landscape design.

Professional architectural and landscape lighting adds subtle effects that will accent the features of your yard in a natural way. Our team of lighting specialists can achieve an understated elegance for your home by utilizing a variety of lighting techniques, including accent lighting, wall washing, and path lighting, to name a few.

Contact our team to discuss how to artfully outfit your backyard with a landscape lighting design.

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Lighting For Entertaining and Safety

If you are planning to use your backyard for entertaining guests, then it’s important that your lighting ideas enhance the areas where you would like to host. For example, if you plan on eating and hosting a dinner party outside, then we recommend installing built-in LED lights around deck railings and steps. Ensuring that you have well-lit areas will allow your guests to feel comfortable and avoid potential accidents.

If you have a fire pit in your backyard, you’ll need adequate illumination around the site. LED Tiki torches can be installed to brighten up the space surrounding the fire pit to help prevent any hazards. Not only do these fixtures add a unique look, but you can also easily fill them with citronella fuel, which can aid in keeping insects at bay, allowing your guests to enjoy the party.

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Rethink Your Backyard Experience

Great lighting design draws people’s attention to the main features and focal points you want to highlight. A professional landscape lighting designer will work with you to determine what you love about your yard — whether it’s a flourishing garden or a recently constructed outdoor kitchen. Techniques, like adding pathway lights, will not only provide your guests with a stunning view of your backyard while they enjoy an evening of entertainment, but they also brighten the space and offer a pleasant atmosphere. In-ground well lights may also help create a focal point by illuminating your favourite tree. These lights are built to be installed beneath ground level, allowing you to preserve your investment from harm caused by normal lawn upkeep.

Repairing Your Landscape Lights

Whether it was installed by one of our staff or a competitor, we’ll happily service and repair any outdoor landscape lighting system. From replacing a lamp to refitting a fixture, Nite Time Decor’s experts will provide exceptional service and friendly guidance. We’ll make sure your current landscape lighting system is up and running properly, and provide you with suggestions on how to maintain it for years to come.

If you believe that a component of your landscape lighting design is faulty, please don’t attempt to fix it yourself. Although we install low voltage landscaping lighting wires in all of our systems, attempting to fix the problem on your own could result in personal harm, permanent damage to your outdoor lighting system, or may void your warranty.

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