Mulch And Your Landscape Lighting System

Updated June 28, 2023

Mulch And Your Landscape Lighting System

Mulching Around your landscape lightingSome homeowners have a difficult time ensuring that their mulch and landscape lighting system coexist peacefully. Fortunately, there are a number of maintenance techniques available to improve this process.

From heat management to fixture placement, here’s what you need to know when it comes to handling mulching around your landscape lighting system.

Why Mulch?

Mulch is extremely beneficial for landscaping as it acts as a natural cover and insulation layer to protect the soil from the sun which allows for water retention and weed prevention.

Mulch is also a beautiful addition to the aesthetics of your home. With that being said, it’s important that you don’t over-mulch as this can encourage unwanted insect infestations and can cause the soil to absorb too much moisture.

Problems with Mulching Your Landscape Lighting

In short, mulch is wood, and lighting fixtures produce heat. This can be a tricky combination if it isn’t properly maintained. That’s not to say it’s impossible to have both mulch and landscape lighting on your property. The trick is making sure the mulch isn’t covering any fixtures.

Lights give off heat that needs a way to escape. If mulch is covering the lighting fixtures, that heat will be locked in, forcing the mulch to begin to smolder and smoke. If left for an extended period of time, the fixture could become hot enough to melt the PVC composite on your landscape lighting fixtures, and possibly burn off the insulation around the wires. Needless to say, this could cause an immense amount of damage – all of which could have been avoided with a little patience and maintenance.

Warning! If too much heat is allowed to build up under too large a pile of mulch, a fire may even start, causing far more serious damage than a few broken lights and wires.

How can this be avoided?

It pays to be cautious with your landscape lighting maintenance. If someone else is applying your mulch, make sure to tell them exactly where each fixture is. It’s also a good idea to check once the mulch is applied to ensure that no mistakes have been made or light fixtures have been accidentally buried.

Beautiful Mulched Garden with Down Lights to help prevent light pollution.

If there’s been a storm recently, take the time to survey any damage to your gardens and mulch. Always make sure that mulch hasn’t blown onto your landscape lighting fixtures after a period of high winds or rain.

Clear off any mulch that is covering fixtures. This quick and easy task will save you time and money on your landscape lighting maintenance in the long run.

Fortunately, Nite Time Decors lighting products and fixtures come with a covering over any light bulbs. This will prevent mulch from directly touching the light, creating an efficient heat barrier. It’s generally a good idea to go with energy efficient LED lighting systems, as they heat up less than conventional light bulbs.

Don’t buy cheap mulch. While buying affordable mulch is always recommended, purchasing the cheapest is not. It is usually priced at a bargain basement price because of its weight. The cheaper the mulch, the lighter it is and the more likely it will be blown around in a storm.

Not only does this ruin the aesthetics of your lawn, but it also increases the odds of the mulch blowing onto your landscape lighting fixtures.

If you take these simple precautions, you shouldn’t have any problem maintaining a beautifully manicured and mulched garden, as well as a safe and efficient landscape lighting system.

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