Five Major Outdoor Lighting Mistakes

Homeowners will consider installing an outdoor lighting system for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the reasons are safety oriented – they want to reduce trips or remove convenient hiding places for prowlers. Maybe the reasons are purely aesthetic in that they want to improve their home’s nighttime curb appeal. It’s a common belief that Burlington outdoor lighting can increase a property’s value. Regardless of the reason, you need to be careful. One bad decision could impede the overall impact of your system. So, before you start selecting fixtures or laying cable, here are five major mistakes to avoid when designing your Burlington outdoor lighting system.

1. Not Installing Outdoor Lighting

Obviously the first mistake you can make when it comes to landscape lighting is not installing it in the first place!

Many people spend a fortune on a beautiful landscape, only to have it shrouded in darkness come sunset. However, it’s the nightscape that creates some of the most dramatic effects on your yard, so don’t miss out on a beautiful landscaping opportunity!

An outdoor lighting system can increase the time you have to enjoy your beautiful property. What’s more, your landscape is often the first thing a visitor will see at your home, and as the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a great first impression. An outdoor lighting system will show your guests and neighbours that you care about your home’s appearance, both outside and inside.

2. Thinking that Any Type of Landscape Lighting is Good Enough

Not true.

When it comes to quality, like everything else in life, not all things are created equal. Some of those DIY kits you get can break easily creating more problems thanks to costly repairs and rework. Professional installers offer high quality bulbs and fixtures made of better materials that are more weather resistant.

3. Not Using the Professionals at Nite Time Décor to Help Install Your Outdoor Lighting System

You wouldn’t let an amateur build your house, so why would you trust your Burlington outdoor lighting to some hardware store clerk?

We’ve all been to a house where a poorly positioned spotlight blinds us as we pull into the driveway. Our experts can take that spotlight and reposition it so it showcases a portion of your landscaping (rather than startling your visitors!).

A professional knows how to do things properly. They know how voltage works and how to work with it. Nite Time Decor’s outdoor lighting system is just that – a system. Not a haphazard spew of randomly placed lights. So why wait? Contact us for more information or to book an appointment!

4. Assuming That Your Burlington Outdoor Lighting Will Maintain Itself

Just because your landscape lighting is installed, doesn’t mean you can forget it. For best results, regular maintenance will be required.

For example, say you install our lovely area lights or tiki lamps and during one summer, there is a particularly violent windstorm. This could cause your lamps to be knocked out of alignment, causing the light to be splayed haphazardly throughout your yard. Or, after several years, maybe a light bulb burns out or electrical cords start creeping their way into view.

Luckily, we are committed to providing you with quality customer service long after the installation has been completed. Visit our Service and Maintenance page for more information about how Nite Time Decor can continue to help you as the years go by.

5. Seeing the Fixture and Not the Effects

While the effects of landscape lighting are beautiful, sometimes the fixtures are best left hidden from view. At Nite Time Decor, we make sure that all of our Burlington lighting fixtures are hidden from view so that your landscape isn’t impeded. This way, you’ll be able to see the light (and not the fixtures!).

Avoid these mistakes to ensure your Burlington outdoor lighting system is a success! Contact Nite Time Decor Burlington today!