The Artistic Side of Outdoor Lighting

The ongoing trend towards creating beautiful, functional outdoor living spaces has created increased demand for delightful decorative landscape lighting. From stylish sconces to trendy torches, outdoor lighting fixtures are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing. Turn your yard into a work of art with dramatic landscape lighting effects and beautiful lighting elements from Nite Time Decor.

The Art of Outdoor Lighting
A well-designed landscape lighting installation can turn the ordinary into something extraordinary. The residential landscape lighting experts at Nite Time Decor offer the following advice when it comes to planning an exceptional outdoor light installation:

  1. Incandescent lights are incredible
    When it comes to creating an artistic outdoor lighting design, the experts at Nite Time Decor highly recommend choosing incandescent lightbulbs over halogen bulbs. While halogens are known for producing a lot of light, they tend to overheat and burn out quickly. Halogens can also distort the colour of plants, flowers, and garden decor. Incandescent lights give off a much cleaner light and have a longer lifespan.
  2. Start by lighting main “living spaces”
    Lighting a main living space, like a deck or patio, can seem like an overwhelming task. To make things easier, the residential landscape lighting professionals at Nite Time Decor recommend focusing on the atmosphere that you’re trying to portray. It’s also important that you make sure enough light is cast to ensure the safety of the space. Outdoor landscape lighting fixtures can be strategically placed along walkways, on deck railings, and mounted on stairs to create a magical lighting effect.
  3. Don’t forget about cooking spaces
    Summertime is all about outdoor grilling; make sure your barbeque pit is properly illuminated with strategically placed landscape lighting. Make sure your cooking areas receive ample light by installing efficient downlighting fixtures.
  4. Avoid direct light
    Paths, pools, walkways, and water features look best when the light is directed downwards. A poorly placed landscape lighting fixture can cause more harm than good in these areas, so be sure to consult with a residential lighting system expert from Nite Time Decor. Directing the light down and away from your eyes will enhance the aesthetics and safety of your outdoor space.
  5. Look for understated elegance in your fixtures
    In the old days of landscape lighting, the philosophy was simple: “always hide the source of the light.” This couldn’t be further from the truth today, thanks to the creation of sophisticated landscape lighting installations that come with lifetime warranties on the fixtures. Instead of hiding your lamps behind shrubs or planters, let them take centre stage in your lighting installation – they’ll add an extra layer of interest to your landscaping forever.

Turn your property into an illuminating art installation with an innovative new landscape lighting design from Nite Time Decor. Schedule a consultation with a lighting specialist today!