Winter Maintenance Reminder

Do you want to keep your home illuminated throughout the winter without damage to your Burlington outdoor landscape lighting? Fall outdoor lighting maintenance is required to keep your Burlington outdoor landscape lighting in tiptop shape year round. A few simple steps will save you money and time in the long run, and help you avoid having to replace your system.

General clean up
Make sure your light fixtures are free of debris. Clear mulch and dry leaves from the bulbs. This is especially important if your light fixtures emit a lot of heat. Mulch and dry leaves on uncovered bulbs can be a fire hazard.

Clean the fixtures off. Squeaky-clean lights are lights that work properly. Wipe off the lenses and the insides if possible. Clean out the ridges and crevices in the fixture before giving them a nice polish.

Make sure to keep salt and sand away from the fixtures; clean up any that has gotten to close for comfort. If left too long, the salt could erode the fixtures and decrease their life span.

The three “R’s” of outdoor lighting maintenance
Fall is the time to readjust your fixtures. Adjust the focus and positioning to ensure the proper effect. Want to freshen up the look for the new season? Then call in one of our experts to implement a new design with your existing fixtures.

Replace burnt out bulbs or old fixtures to make sure you get the best lighting effect in the dark winter months. If lenses or fixtures are cracked, put new ones on to prevent further damage.

Reset your timers to match the changing daytime hours. This may be done closer to the winter season, in order to ensure maximum efficiency.

Nite Time Décor can help you with your outdoor lighting maintenance this year! If we didn’t install your Burlington outdoor landscape lighting, that’s no problem. Nite Time Décor services a wide variety of lighting systems – even our competitors!

Check wires
Walk around your property to look for any wires that may be popping out of the ground. Make sure your wires are covered with turf. Exposed wiring could get damaged in the heavy winter months, creating an unnecessary expense come spring.

Changes for winter
Around now you may want to make some changes to your landscape lighting design to fit the winter months. Perhaps you want to add a blue bulb to accent that evergreen? Maybe the red lights you had on the flowers in your garden should be changed to white for a more natural effect? With the new silhouettes created by dead trees, you can reposition your lights to cast pretty shadows and silhouettes on the walls of your home.

Nite Time Décor can help you with any of your seasonal changes! We offer all of these services, and more. For ideas about how you can change your Burlington outdoor landscape lighting take a look at our gallery.

Inspect your system
Make sure that the system is running exactly as it should be. If your system is one of Nite Time Décor’s you will want to check your warranty for any repairs or services that need to be done.

For quality outdoor lighting maintenance services, contact Nite Time Décor for your complimentary quote today!